.....and Highlights!

It's the last day of 2015!

I shared my Lessons, now here are a few of my Highlights:

1. Seeing Ellie Goulding perform for a bunch of fierce & fit women and leading us in her new workout with Nike


I remember how I felt this time last year; 2014 was not the best year for me personally and I was apprehensive about what 2015 would hold for me.

Nike Performance Stylist Sessions at Nike Town London

Many of you have either heard of or experienced Topshop’s Personal Shopping; well Nike has launched a personal shopping experience for women at its flagship store (Nike Town London) for a limited time. Between 15 December 2015 and 06 January 2016 an appointment for a Nike Performance Stylist Session can be made, where you can be advised by one of Nike’s stylists as to the latest wear to suit your fitness, fashion and running needs. 

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Whatever you are doing and wherever you may be, I hope that you have a joyful and peaceful time!

God Bless x

Loving Right Now: Sugared Vanilla

As the Season Changes......

It’s been 3 weeks since the clocks went back in the UK. The nights continue to get longer. Our moods, even with Christmas coming up, may match that of the days and weather – shorter and colder. The trees are practically naked; their leaves dressing our cars and streets.

The Sweetest Brunch: Counter – Vauxhall, London

Last Sunday I ventured South of the River to attend a #ZomatoMeetUp with other fellow food bloggers, courtesy of Zomato.

Counter is a bar and brasserie, serving “New-York-style contemporary food and drinks” under Vauxhall Arches, merely seconds from Vauxhall Station (note to self and to others, if taking the underground, take the exit leading to Vauxhall Rail Station. As I’m not particularly South savvy, I did lose my way slightly).



With a big question mark.

I Am A Spartan! Spartan Super 2015

I thought that running a half marathon would be one of the most the physically challenging event I would do this year.  And it was…until I, in a team of 5 other nutters did the Spartan Super Race last Sunday at Ashburnham Place.

Loving Right Now: Get Away - Bakery Boys


Dublin Dash: Food, Food, Food

While I spent a lot of time on my feet during my few days in Dublin, when I did settle down it was to sleep or eat. One of the beauties of travelling for me is eating (in fact it’s one of the beauties of life for me). Between where I stayed in Rathmines and the City Centre there were loads of restaurants that I wanted to explore, but alas there wasn’t enough time. Or money……

But here are 3 places where I indulged my stomach:

BoBo’s Gourmet Irish Burgers

BoBo’s was the first place my friends and I ate after spending about 35 minutes walking up and down Rathmines trying to meet up with another friend!

We wanted something simple to eat and I suppose it doesn’t get much simpler than burgers.

Rock’n’Roll Dublin Half Marathon 2015

When I wrote about running my first half marathon, I ended the post stating that I was considering running another one…… and I did. I took part in the Rock’n’Roll Dublin Half Marathon at the beginning of August.

Dublin Dash

Last weekend I visited Dublin. I went to take part in the Rock n Roll Dublin Half Marathon (more on that later) and to for birthday celebrations of a friend, but also to have a bit of a break – affordable mind. I was with great company; friends and fellow runners from Nike+ Run Club Stratford (aka #e20Tigers).

#WeRunLDN - Nike Women’s 10k

 The longest day of the year (21 June 2015), 10,000 girls (a few guys too!), a 10k distance run.

Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2015

I went to Afro Hair and Beauty Live last Bank Holiday weekend; the last time I went was in 2012. I previously wrote about AHB Live in 2012 which you can check out here.

Run Hackney 2015

Last weekend was all about running; on Saturday I did a 5K fun run and on Sunday I took part in my first half marathon (13.1 miles/21K), Run Hackney

#ZomatoMeetUp: Bierschenke – City of London

Haz Restaurant - Bishopsgate, London

You're Never Too Old.....

I've recently turned a year older. Among the well wishes, cards and presents, I contemplated my future and the goals I had expected to achieve as the birthdays rolled by. But that got a bit too depressing, so I switched my thoughts to things I could still do regardless of my age...this was inspired by a post I found by Hannah Cozens while blog surfing.

Gyms Kitchen - Leyton, London

Gyms Kitchen is by their words, “the UK’s 1st protein based restaurant. A restaurant built without temptation.”

Nike iD

Catch Up

Fish a la Pimienta


I got the opportunity to check out 1Rebel via Nike Women. 1Rebel is one of the latest boutique fitness establishments to arrive in London, having opened its first studio in January 2015 at St. Mary's Axe (City of London). Another studio is due to open at Broadgate, City of London soon. Like Barry's Bootcamp it does away with subscriptions and memberships; all classes are pay-as-you-go.

International Women's Day

Graphic by Devin Felicity

Tighten and Tone: Ellie Goulding x N+TC

I received an email invite by Nike Women to attend the launch of Ellie Goulding’s Tighten and Tone N+TC workout on 03 March 2015. It was last minute (i got the email maybe 18 hours before the event) and I wasn't even sure if I was going to make it because of work; nevertheless I RSVP'd for myself and a friend and hoped I would make the launch.....


Can you believe we're in March already?! It's actually scary to think how fast time is going.....


Loving Right Now - Soul Rich

It’s been a while since I acquired a mixtape; these days I tend to listen to music via YouTube or Soundcloud. But when a music artist makes quality music, it’s worth supporting their progression by purchasing their music.

I’ve been following 4i, an up and coming London rapper for a while; he is definitely one to watch.



We are well and truly into 2015! Probably by now you would know whether those resolutions and/or goals are going to stick or are going into the bin.


ClockJack - Soho, London

If I asked you to mention a chicken restaurant, I'm pretty confident that the first/popular response would be Nandos. For a long time Nandos has been the place to go when co-workers, families, friends and couples have wanted an affordable chicken meal; and it's easy to do so since as of 2015 there are over 300 branches in the UK alone. However there has been a rise in chicken restaurants around London.....I'm not surprised; the burger market is over saturated.

NTC Week 2015

Nike hosted their 3rd NTC Week, a series of special workouts designed to give women a boost at a time when most people would be slacking on or breaking their fitness resolutions. You get an opportunity to train with experts, try something different from your usual regime and meet like-minded women.

Loving Right Now: This Girl Can

Food, Food, Food

Winter festivities may have ended for many on New Year's Day, but for me they have continued well into January in the form of catch-ups and birthday meals. Here's a lowdown what's been filling my stomach: 

Strada, Riverside (More London)

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