We are well and truly into 2015! Probably by now you would know whether those resolutions and/or goals are going to stick or are going into the bin.


You may have read my previous lukewarm post about 2014; for me personally it felt like a difficult year and quite frankly I didn’t feel like starting 2015 with the usual determination and positivity that comes with the New Year; to me it was as ‘business as usual’. But ‘business as usual’ was just me being ‘busy’ with my familiar routine rather than actually being productive….

So, I’ll be using this month to focus on my life in general, and in particular areas of my live that could do with some attention. I’ve started on a few minor things – I already know I spend way too much on magazines so I’ve (finally) looked into annual subscriptions to save money. You may have noticed that my blog has gone through a bit of an update too……

I don’t expect to see vast improvement in my life at the end of the month; however I do hope that by the end I will have some clarity as to what I need in my life, what I want in my life and how I might get what I want. I hope that the small changes that I do make will snowball into a more positive impact in my life. I want to be productive. 

We all know the path to our goals isn’t always straight or smooth and we may stumble along the way. However we need to step out of our comfort zone and push forward to achieve contentment and happiness.

Hopefully you are progressing with most if not all of your intended resolutions or goals for 2015. If not, why not use February to Focus and start again?


  1. Thank you for this lovely reminder. Funny how it is the year has barely begun yet everything seems so chaotic already.

  2. It' funny I've stopped my Vogue subscription and miss it. I find myself looking on pinterest, tumblr and instagram more to feed my visual addictions. I am only subscribed to Elle and I buy Teen Vogue monthly as you can't subscribe in the UK. I've been doing good with my 'resolutions' but I don't really call them resolutions but life changes. Reading the bible more, focusing on my business and career and working out. the latter I've been slaking a bit!!!


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