Feeling Blue

My last few purchases have one thing in common – they’re blue:

                                                      Figure-fitting jersey dress - H&M

                                                           Loose fitting blouse - H&M

                                                     Zuzi Zuzi oversized shirt dress -
                                                           from New Look

I love the colour blue. Blue is often seen as a boy’s colour. It also associated with feeling sad – how often do you hear some say “s/he was feeling blue” or that someone was suffering from the baby/holiday blues?

But to me, blue represents calmness and tranquillity. I used to fear vibrant colours such as red, yellow and orange. During my teenage years, black was my go-to colour, especially for clothes as I was eager not to have my body stand out…….Blue was a safe colour. A way of introducing colour to my clothes without going crazy.

Blue now features heavily in my life, in varying shades. I mean I do wear other colours like purple (another preferred colour) and I even bought a mustard coloured jumper (yep I’m starting to live a bit more wildly!), but I’m hoping that my next car will be blue………


  1. this shade of blue is great
    I love blue!

    1. thanks! nice to hear from a fellow blue lover!

  2. thank you! much appreciated x

  3. My favorite is the second H&M blouse. Would look so gorgeous with white straight leg jeans.

    Great start on your blog!
    Check mine out at www.stylebycesca.blogspot.com

  4. Love the H&M blouse ...so cute

    Love for you to visit my blog and check and we should follow each other:)



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