Another 365 days.....

I’ve just reviewed my first post of 2017, which set out what I was going to do for 2017. The key goal? Time Management, because I thought that if I managed my time better, everything else would fall into place.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t quite get a handle on my time management – my sleeping habits have not greatly improved, my fitness faltered (greatly), I fell out of love with running and my eating habits got worse. I actually plan to see out 2017 with pizza…..

Summer in Sintra - Town Centre & Monserrate Palace

I had tackled the 2 of the top sites of Sintra in one afternoon (straight from the airport mind), which you can read about here. I was looking for a more chilled exploration of Sintra and decided to explore the historic town centre.

Summer in Sintra – Castle of the Moors & Pena Palace

The days are short and cold; the nights are long and cold…… and I’m reminiscing about the few days I spent in Sintra, Portugal over the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

Sintra is part of the region known as the Portuguese Riviera, about 35 minutes away from Lisbon City. Sintra is known for its historical romantic palaces and its picturesque town centre. 
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