Personal Shopping at Topshop

Happy Easter! I hope that you are all having a great Easter; I have spent my Easter in spiritual celebration. For those of you who gave up chocolate or any other sweet stuff for Lent, don’t indulge too much today!

I was invited by Danielle of Keep It SimpElle to indulge in Personal Shopping at Topshop, Oxford Circus. I was aware that Topshop offered personal shopping; however I don’t usually shop there and I thought that you had to pay for the service. Curiousity got the better of me, so last weeked I tottered to Oxford Circus for my first personal shopping experience.

Prior to our appointment (there were 5 of us in total), we completed a questionnaire. We provided our basic essential details; our clothing & shoe sizes and gave an insight into our style. As you may have seen from my blog, I’m the sort of girl who likes her basics and likes her comfort!

The waiting area

Kenza Restaurant, City of London

I recently went to Kenza Restaurant for a friend’s birthday. The restaurant specialises in Middle Eastern cuisine in particular Lebanese food. As a foodie I’m always up for eating out and trying new food. In the past year I have eaten at quite a few restaurants serving Turkish, Afghan and Persian food. I love the sensual spiciness of the food; it’s well seasoned and I find that I get generous portions for my money!

The restaurant is based underground in the City of London; you wouldn’t know it was there as it’s in quite a secluded area (for non-city workers anyway) and nestled between corporate companies and law firms.

The Blue Shoes Styled

Pics taken with my camera phone -
This weekend the photo quality seems to be off!

Black Top - H&M
Blue Jumper - H&M
Skinny Jeans - New Look
Blue Shoes - H&M (see previous post)

I’m by no way a stylist; hell I pick comfort over style 85% of the time (don’t ask about the other 15% lol)!
However I reckon that these mid heels are suited to a simple outfit; skinny jeans, leggings or even a sleek pencil skirt over a great flashy flowing dress. I think that if the heel was higher, then the shoes would look great with a body con midi dress
I actually prefer the shoes with the black top rather than the blue jumper, just because the shoes have an opportunity to be noticed.
What do you think?

Blue Shoes

Blue court shoes - H&M

I think I ordered these blue babies in November 2012….they have been in the delivery bag since then!
I actually didn’t even intend to buy them…but then they were on sale for £5!
I’ve not had a chance to wear them yet…kinda dreading breaking them in. Just thinking of my poor toes….all for the sake of a sale! I don't really buy shoes from H&M so I hope my experience with their shoes won't be too negative; but then again who has a great time breaking in court shoes?
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