You're Never Too Old.....

I've recently turned a year older. Among the well wishes, cards and presents, I contemplated my future and the goals I had expected to achieve as the birthdays rolled by. But that got a bit too depressing, so I switched my thoughts to things I could still do regardless of my age...this was inspired by a post I found by Hannah Cozens while blog surfing.

So fellow readers, I (maybe you?) am never too old to:

Watch cartoons - I still watch SpongeBob SquarePants
Throw a tantrum - once in a while though!
Play Rock, Paper, Scissors - sometimes it's the only way to decide certain things....
Love a boyband - Backstreet Boys are the ultimate
Cry - tears of sadness, happiness; it makes us human
Make a mistake - because what is life without mistakes? Some of our most valuable lessons come from mistakes
Watch Disney Films - I actually re-watched The Princess and The Frog the other day; but I absolutely love watching The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Get a hug from your parents - it's comforting and in that moment I feel secure. It serves as a reminder that I have cheerleaders in this crazy journey called life
Pull funny faces - it's the best way to entertain kids. And your grown ass friends  
Dream - because we have the power to change our lives

What are you never too old for?


  1. LOVE this :) I'm not too old to sulk, to skip, to sing out loud, to go to bed early or to watch Hollyoaks!

    1. haha! I like your points on sulking and bed Danielle!

  2. nice quotes *_*



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