Another 365 days.....

I’ve just reviewed my first post of 2017, which set out what I was going to do for 2017. The key goal? Time Management, because I thought that if I managed my time better, everything else would fall into place.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t quite get a handle on my time management – my sleeping habits have not greatly improved, my fitness faltered (greatly), I fell out of love with running and my eating habits got worse. I actually plan to see out 2017 with pizza…..

Summer in Sintra - Town Centre & Monserrate Palace

I had tackled the 2 of the top sites of Sintra in one afternoon (straight from the airport mind), which you can read about here. I was looking for a more chilled exploration of Sintra and decided to explore the historic town centre.

Summer in Sintra – Castle of the Moors & Pena Palace

The days are short and cold; the nights are long and cold…… and I’m reminiscing about the few days I spent in Sintra, Portugal over the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

Sintra is part of the region known as the Portuguese Riviera, about 35 minutes away from Lisbon City. Sintra is known for its historical romantic palaces and its picturesque town centre. 

Ballie Ballerson, Shoreditch

I recently for a couple of hours, became a big kid; a friend had wanted to celebrate a recent event in her life and had wanted to celebrate in the most fun way possible.

Soho Speaks - an Evening with Sharmadean Reid at Wah London

Soho Speaks is a series of free in-store talks by the people behind independent brands established in Soho. The Series started on 14 September 2017 and a total of 5 talks are taking place.

Out of the 5 talks, I really wanted to hear Sharmadean Reid talk; she is the founder of Wah Nails. While the tickets are free, they were allocated via ballot and I was lucky enough to get tickets.

Book Review - Little Black Book

It’s been a while since I reviewed a book on my blog; that’s not to say I haven’t been reading. 

One of my (many) recent reads has been Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba, described as “a toolkit for working women”. Otegha initially self-published this book; but due to its popularity, it was picked up by a literary agent and re-published.

That Time I Went to Lisbon, Portugal

I have been trawling the many, many photos of my recent visit to Sintra and Lisbon and I’ve realised that I’ve not even sorted out my photos from when I first visited Lisbon in 2016! Better to show a few of those off first…..

Loving Right Now - Special Touch Designs

I came across Special Touch Designs (“Special Touch”) while browsing on Etsy; I was searching for a unique card for a friend’s upcoming wedding. 

Nike Run Club - London's Fastest

13 August 2017 was all about London’s Fastest, hosted by Nike at the Tate Modern.

Nike Run Club invited runners to form their own crews and take on a 5K in Central London which started and finished in the Tate Modern. 

#SweatwithElle - Best's Bootcamp

I’ve recently been slacking on my fitness game; bad eating, lack of running and general exercise has left me feeling meh.

I’ve had a rant with my fitfam via our social media group, sought their advice and have vowed to re-start my fitness journey (no matter how short or intense). It seems that God heard me and wanted to ensure that I made good on the declaration…. 

Volunteering at the Virgin Sport British 10K Run

On 9 July 2017, I took part in the Virgin Sport British 10K, but this time i was a volunteer rather than a runner!

Igbo Festival of Arts & Culture, London

The Summer weather has been kind to London, though at times brutally humid (I have been working in an office with NO air con and the window is dodgy). There are so many events and festivals going on…. Most of my weekends have had me out and about celebrating weddings and christenings and births.

Last weekend I went to the Igbo Festival of Arts & Culture (“the Igbo Festival”) in Charlton Park, South London. While born, raised and living in the UK, my ethnic background is Nigerian, specifically Igbo, which is one of many tribes in Nigeria. Igboland is based in Southeastern Nigeria.

Broadway Market, London

London has been experiencing some pretty great weather over the past few weekends, and we Londoners have made the best of it!

Love for London

The UK had barely begun to grieve for the 22 people who lost their lives in Manchester on 22 May 2017, when on 5 June 2017 another terror attack took place, this time in London (for the 2nd time this year), my home city. At the time of writing, at least 7 people have lost their lives, with several injured; the suspects eliminated.

That Time I Went to Copenhagen, Denmark

In September 2016 I went to Copenhagen with a few of my friends to take part in the Copenhagen Half Marathon. Copenhagen is about a 90 minute flight from London. 

Roma with my Momma

It has been donkey’s years since I travelled abroad with my Mum; she usually travels once a year to Nigeria on what I like to call an “extended family visit” to see her mum and family. For the last 10 years I have travelled with friends, for both long haul holiday and city breaks. I thought it was about time she indulged in a City Break, so one of my goals for 2017 was to take her on a short break.

I decided to take her to Rome as I felt it was quite “Mummy friendly” and we would both appreciate the sights. It would be our first time visiting and experiencing the city and country. 

Well Street Market, London

I’m currently training for a half marathon; on my first “long run” (and by long I mean 10k/6.2 miles) I was given a leaflet for a new Market that was taking place in Hackney. Since my errands for the day would take me near the Market I thought I would check it out. 

Dumpling Shack & a bit of Violet

I finally got to taste the delicious dumplings of Dumpling Shack, a small but very popular food stall at School Yard Market, little sister of Broadway Market.

Rita's Revival

In the Autumn of 2016, I was feeling to eat at Rita's, but was gutted to find that it had closed at the end of July 2016. Since then I had been pining for their fried chicken and waffles. 

For 2017, I’m going to…..

Minutes before or after I saw in 2017 with friends at a house party, I was asked the usual question: “so what are your New Year resolutions going to be?”
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