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Fish a la Pimienta


I got the opportunity to check out 1Rebel via Nike Women. 1Rebel is one of the latest boutique fitness establishments to arrive in London, having opened its first studio in January 2015 at St. Mary's Axe (City of London). Another studio is due to open at Broadgate, City of London soon. Like Barry's Bootcamp it does away with subscriptions and memberships; all classes are pay-as-you-go.

International Women's Day

Graphic by Devin Felicity

Tighten and Tone: Ellie Goulding x N+TC

I received an email invite by Nike Women to attend the launch of Ellie Goulding’s Tighten and Tone N+TC workout on 03 March 2015. It was last minute (i got the email maybe 18 hours before the event) and I wasn't even sure if I was going to make it because of work; nevertheless I RSVP'd for myself and a friend and hoped I would make the launch.....


Can you believe we're in March already?! It's actually scary to think how fast time is going.....

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