Old but Gold

Hi readers, I hope you’re all well! It’s a Bank Holiday in the UK so it’s a day off work!!!

From time to time I go through my clothes deciding which should stay and which should go to another home (eBay, charity, Nigeria). Usually they are old, maybe out of fashion, but wearable.

So this weekend I have been sorting out my clothes and shoes and have just about finished. However I noticed that there were some items that, even though I have had for quite a bit of time, I still wear them and I’m not sure if I could actually let them go:

Purple Batwing Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Bought in Winter 2008 (on sale!)

Green Batwing Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Bought Winter 2008 (again on sale)

I loved the batwing jumper so much that when I saw it green I did not hesitate to buy it….if there were other colours in my size at the time I would have hit them up too!

Gold Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Bought Winter 2007

What can I say? Dorothy Perkins had some quality clothes back in the day; all the jumpers are still in fab condition nearly 4/5 years later!

Caterpillar Logger Boots
Bought Autumn 2006
These boots are probably my most expensive purchase to date; I believe they were £110, but as I was a student at the time, I managed to negotiate a price of £95. These boots have served me so well during the Winter months every year and the random snow days that London has from time to time!

Converses - bought in 2005 and still going strong baby!!

I think that the above items would actually have to fall apart before I could finally let them go........

Do you have any ‘Old but Gold’ items?


  1. i love the metallic detail in the sweater!i moved recently too and we only packed one car full of stuff so it was stuff eliminating so much stuff!!


  2. Such great finds! I need one of those converses.

  3. Wow, very nice "old but gold" items! I like them so much!
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  4. there are definitely items in my closet that i just can't let go of either!!
    xo dana

  5. Love the Gold and the Purple Shirt :)

    Lovely Greetings!

  6. I've had my converse forever, and I wear them all of the time! gotta love all-stars!


  7. I love the jumper! haha. =D

  8. awesome!

    Nashville-Based Fashion & Style

  9. Converse will never go out of style!!

  10. i love the gold jumper! looks so good on you xx
    i'm so bad in "throwing" my clothes away because i always feel like i need all of them and one day i'll wear them... but honestly, i have some items in my closet which i've never worn in years haha.


  11. Hi Chi Chi. I've changed my blog URL. Please could you re follow me? http://bylaurenjane.blogspot.com xx

  12. I totally know how you feel! Everytime I try to clean my closet, I find so many things that I think I'll wear again and keep them.. then never wear them and the cycle just continues nonstop!

  13. there is nothing like a nice pair of chucks, love it!



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