Do I Keep It?

By ‘It’ I mean this Crossover Jacket with Leather Lapels from Zara:
Crossover Jacket with Leather Lapels - Zara, £79.99

I tried on this jacket last Saturday and it was on my mind for 3 days before I took the plunge and bought the jacket. This was partially influenced by the fact that I checked the jacket online on saw that there was only size XS left!

My other reason for buying the jacket (apart from actually liking it!) was that it was better to buy it, and refund it with 28 days than to just leave, decide to buy it at a later date, only to find out it was sold out everywhere, leaving me to wonder why I just didn’t buy it in the first place!

Now I have it, I’m unsure as to whether I should keep it. The following thoughts run through my mind:


  • It is an investment buy; such a jacket will last me at least a couple of years
  • I need a short jacket as I've worn my other one to death
  • It looks good on me – my mum said so!
  • The leather lapels smell divine!


  • The price – at £79.99 this jacket was not cheap
  • The last 24 hours have been bitterly cold; is this really a jacket to be fronting in this season?
  • It’s Zara – how many people will I see rocking the same jacket? I’ve already seen one girl with this jacket and she looked about 16 -_-

So now I’m deliberating over whether to keep this beauty… 25 days to make my mind up!


Finally Bought a Purse

So I finally bought a purse:
Zip Round Purse - Primark, £4
It was a bit of a struggle to find a a purse; it seems that the trend is big and bulky. this would be annoying for when I need to use a small bag or clutch, however on the plus side it would be easy to dig when I'm using a massive bag.
This purse is simple, cheap and cheerful. However coming from Primark, this means mass production and loads of people owning fact as I was in the queue waiting to pay for the purse, I saw 2 others ladies using the same purse to pay for their items lol!

Product Review – Onsen Crystal Clear Scrub

I’ve recently been using a new body scrub from Onsen for the past few months and I wanted to do a review of it and share my story as to how it came into my possession.

The Onsen Body Scrub consists of Sea Salt Crystals and oils such as sunflower oil, jojoba oil and macadamia oil.
The Onsen Body Scrub exfoliates my skin well, but doesn’t feel harsh.
After rinsing it off my skin is smooth and feels supple – the oils helped in this aspect
The Onsen Body Scrub has a light lavender smell – it’s really a nice and clean smell
It’s not cheap – the price of this is about £60…….. which leads me to the next con and the brief details of how this scrub came into my possession:
I was in Westfield Stratford City when I got caught out…..I was approached by a woman who was offering me a free gift card. Now, my arse should have known that it was a marketing ploy, but common sense had not kicked in at the time.
So I took the card and the lady got me to test out the Onsen Body Scrub. I will admit I was impressed by the Scrub, but when the lady told me the price I was like ‘Nah mate’, but still I did not walk away. The woman proceeded to drop the price, ‘offer’ me her employee discount and throw in another product for ‘free’. To cut a long story short (cos we were in ‘negotiations’ for about 30 mins) I eventually left the Onsen Counter with £59.99 less and two products, namely the Onsen Body Scrub and a Daily Choice Peel, which were supposed to worth £119.98.
I started to have second thoughts about it and when I looked at the receipt I saw that the products were non-refundable and only ex-changeable within 14 days of purchase *KMT*….. and trust me when I say there was nothing at that counter worth exchanging! I arrived home feeling pissed off, especially as I normally avoid these sales people like the plague. Where were my defences?!
So there you have it, my story behind Onsen Body Scrub. The fact is that there are a whole lot cheaper body scrubs that exfoliate just as well, if not better and do not burn a hole in your finances (such as Avon body scrubs - cheap, cheerful and very effective).
While I am enjoying the Onsen Body Scrub, I will not allow myself to get caught up with counter sales staff……I’m gonna walk straight past. But if all else fails, just say NO! Let my story be a warning.....

Loving Right Now: Skrillex & Damien Marley

i'm not sure how I could really describe this song; it's just epic:

This song regularly makes the playlist while doing my NTC workout - the beat and the bass really gets my body moving and it gives me energy to keep going a bit longer. I practically beg my trainer to let me have a copy of her playlist so I can download the songs!
While Dubstep has its roots in Europe, Skrillex has really created a great, energetic song; Damien Marley's lyrics perfects the song.
Got Love for Dubstep? Can you recommend any more tunes for me?

I Intended to Buy a Purse

But I bought this instead:

Pencil Skirt, with PU Waist Band - New Look, £14.99
Can be bought here

View from the Back

It's weird....just couple of nights ago I had a dream where I was wearing a wine coloured pencil skirt. So when I saw this just as I was about to leave the shop, I thought "get it or regret it".
Still looking for a new purse though....

Just A Quick Few Words Of Thanks....

Just wanted to say thanks to all who read my posts and comment on seems that my reviews on the 50 Shades Trilogy have been popular!
I know I don't reply to comments left on posts, but I do appreciate them and I do check out your blogs. I encourage you to leave a link to your blog when commenting!
Much Love x
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