Do I Keep It?

By ‘It’ I mean this Crossover Jacket with Leather Lapels from Zara:
Crossover Jacket with Leather Lapels - Zara, £79.99

I tried on this jacket last Saturday and it was on my mind for 3 days before I took the plunge and bought the jacket. This was partially influenced by the fact that I checked the jacket online on saw that there was only size XS left!

My other reason for buying the jacket (apart from actually liking it!) was that it was better to buy it, and refund it with 28 days than to just leave, decide to buy it at a later date, only to find out it was sold out everywhere, leaving me to wonder why I just didn’t buy it in the first place!

Now I have it, I’m unsure as to whether I should keep it. The following thoughts run through my mind:


  • It is an investment buy; such a jacket will last me at least a couple of years
  • I need a short jacket as I've worn my other one to death
  • It looks good on me – my mum said so!
  • The leather lapels smell divine!


  • The price – at £79.99 this jacket was not cheap
  • The last 24 hours have been bitterly cold; is this really a jacket to be fronting in this season?
  • It’s Zara – how many people will I see rocking the same jacket? I’ve already seen one girl with this jacket and she looked about 16 -_-

So now I’m deliberating over whether to keep this beauty… 25 days to make my mind up!



  1. So I shall be borrowing that... Thanks :)

  2. Love it, I think you should keep it

  3. That jacket is amazing you should defo keep it girl! Lol x

  4. It's a beautiful jacket but whenever I question a purchase of mine to that extent,it usually means I should return it!

  5. the jacket is a great but I absolutely love it, it's very cool, chic, classy & edgy!

  6. I love it. With a girly dress it could be great. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

  7. i absolutely love it, but id never buy something that expensive *stingyyy* .. i also wouldn't return something that nice i already bought :) its lovely! xx

  8. Ugh I know your dilemma, I've been meaning to buy a few Zara pieces but they're just so expensive!

    I'd say keep, moto jackets are a statement classic piece!


  9. Ah thanks hun!! :) do you have any recommendations of YT channel with good tabata vids? xx take care

  10. This jacket is great, but I don't think it will survive the bitter cold.
    My friend has the same one but she is getting a winter coat in addition so..
    If you can afford to buy it then keep it because it is lovely and will take you nicely into spring.


  11. I do love ZARA, but its becoming a commoner's marketplace.
    That jacket alone, I've seen 5 people to date with it...there will be more!
    Then again, its a beautiful jacket, but I agree on the weather front. I just did the same with a thin jacket from River Island. If you can layer? Do!
    The bit about it lasting a few years? Lets be real...the leather lepel trend is just that, a 'trend'. Who is to say it'll survive the test of time?

    If it were me? I'd keep it, but I wouldn't try and rationalise it cos its a passion piece, not an investment.
    The more you think about it, the sillier the decision will be. So bite the bullet and stick to what u love lol


  12. Yay i have that jacket too lol :) !

    xx Liyana
    PS : I'm having a MAC giveaway on my blog to celebrate my 1 month of blogging

  13. I saw this jacket online and wanted it too! BUT I have resisted! I will live with the jacket through you, lol! Can't wait to see how you rock it!

  14. This is definitely a fronting jacket. Lol.. It won't withstand crazy cold. I wouldn't keep it if I were you. :-D

  15. I hope you kept the jacket, its really nice!

    Anna B.

  16. loving the gold detail in the jacket xx

    Please check out my blog and follow if you like it. x // @ohsewfashion

  17. In Love with jacket, Gorge!
    I would appreciate it if you take some time out and visit my blog at
    Claudia xx


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