Loving Right Now: Skinny Burgers

As you can tell from my previous posts, I’m a bit of a foodie…. I especially love my burgers. Whoever invented the concept of the burger was a genius!

Whenever I casually meet with friends, simple & affordable food is usually on the agenda. Burgers often fits that criteria. Even with the rise of the ‘gourmet burger’ there are many places to eat a burger that won’t burn a hole in your purse.

Skinny Burger at Byron Burger

Summer Skin

London has been experiencing a proper summer as of late, which means legs and arms out, sunnies and sandals!

It also means that a lot of us step up on our skincare regime; not just for our face, but for our body too. I share some of the products I’m using to ensure my skin is ready for summer:

Exfoliation is an essential for smooth skin; I exfoliate all year round, but I pay extra attention in the Summer. Avon body scrubs are my go to when I want my skin at its best. Their scrubs are abrasive enough to do the job without damaging my skin. I tend to use my body scrub twice a week.

I also use gel oil by Vaseline on my skin. I typically use Hollywood Cocoa Butter, but in the Summer this tends to be too heavy for my skin. Vaseline’s gel oil keeps my skin supple and gives it a nice sheen, while being light – you only need a little for it to go far.

When it comes to my face, I have to say that I can be quite lazy! My face care regime is typically very simple; I might switch it up if I get a free sample with one of my monthly magazines!

However for the last few months, I have paid more attention to what I put on my face. I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range, in particular the face mist and moisture lotion with SPF15. The face mist is really light and refreshing; apparently it's also ideal for setting make-up. I chose this moisture as it had SPF protection which is crucial for summer. Sunscreen regardless of skin complexion or age or location should be used by everyone. I’m not an OAP yet but I’m aware that as I get older my skin will too….it’s good to protect it now!

Got any essential products to achieve your optimum Summer Skin? Let me know!
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