Loving Right Now: Skinny Burgers

As you can tell from my previous posts, I’m a bit of a foodie…. I especially love my burgers. Whoever invented the concept of the burger was a genius!

Whenever I casually meet with friends, simple & affordable food is usually on the agenda. Burgers often fits that criteria. Even with the rise of the ‘gourmet burger’ there are many places to eat a burger that won’t burn a hole in your purse.

Skinny Burger at Byron Burger

However from time to time I find that the traditional burger can be a bit of a carb overload; so the last few occasions (and by few I actually mean 3 out the 4 times!) I’ve gone for a burger I opted for a ‘skinny burger’ – instead of a bun, my ‘burger’ come with a green salad.

I had the Steak Mexican skinny burger (with extra bacon)
It’s a weird concept and for many it goes against the nature of burgers, but for me it works. It can be just as filling without the heaviness. The best I’ve had so far has been at Haché Burger in Shoredtich – I definitely recommend a visit.

My brownie - moist, rich & on point!
Mind you it’s not completely in aid of being healthy…..I had a rich chocolate brownie straight after! Always a sucker for dessert……


  1. Looks delicious! I love a good burger and desert is always necessary! Xx


  2. Some one is a foody lol thanks for visiting my blog


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