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The weekend is nearly over……boo! It’s colder than of late, but at least the sun is shining :¬)

On Saturday, I went to Lush Cosmetics (Westfield Stratford City) to buy my friend a gift for her birthday. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Lush Cosmetics, they basically specialise in fresh handmade cosmetics – all their stuff smells lovely!

I bought the Hello Gorgeous! Gift Box for her:

Pic Taken from here

The Hello Gorgeous! Gift Box contains:
·         Rub Rub Rub shower scrub (130g)
·         Melting Marshmallow Moment luxury bath melt
·         Sakura Bath Bomb
·         Helping Hands hand cream (45g)
·         A trial size Gorgeous facial moisturiser (10g)

The sales assistant was very helpful – so helpful I got a bit distracted and ended buying couple of items for myself……..
Sunnyside Bubble Bar

Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar

I was like a magpie in the shop – I was attracted by the shiny pretty things!

The Sunnyside Bubble Bar is to be used bit by bit – you crumble some under running water and it foams like bubble bath. The sales assistant said it would be like having a liquid gold bath.

The Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar has cocoa butter and shea butter; two of my favourite and essential body ingredients. The Bar is supposed to be warned up in your hands and when you massage it on your body, it leaves a subtle glitter/shimmer on your body. It’s ideal for nights out and the Summer. Oh and it smells delicious!

It’s the first time I’ve purchased anything from Lush Cosmetics. With the Easter Break impending, I hope to take time some time to test out my new purchases.

You can check out their webiste here.


  1. Thank you so much for tagging me girlie... I just finished it... sigh

  2. Ahw thanks for the belated bday wish!! And you should deffo try making ur lip scrub before buying it.. it works wonders..xx

  3. thanks a lot for the comment:)
    this box looks lovely, so many nice goodies in there. my favourites are the shimmy massage bars:)


  4. Woww... the gift box is so cuteeeee... =D

  5. love the box its soo cute ! i love hand made make up! in love ... great blog hope u can visit mine and follow each other? x

  6. i looove slush!!
    thank you for the lovely comment!
    great blog!
    xoxo from switzerland

  7. Those look yummy!!!I love when my cosmetics actually look nice,makes me WANT to use them wisely.

  8. A lot of great ideas.

  9. i heard they have amazing stuff


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