Loving Right Now - On Demand is In Demand*

Now that Christmas and New Year celebrations are (and very much feels like) a distant memory, it’s all too enticing to spend the rest of winter curled up on the sofa bingeing and catching up on the latest box-sets and on demand releases. 

Nike x International Women's Day

Tate Lates

“Do you want to go to Tate Late tonight?”

That was the WhatsApp message that I received from my sister at 5:13pm on the last Friday of February 2018. I had intended to go straight home and get a takeaway and fall asleep on the sofa while Will and Grace was being recorded……..

It was supposed to be a Runcation…..Amsterdam, Netherlands

I was supposed to run the Amsterdam Half Marathon in October 2017; this was a decision I had made back in January 2017. However I had a couple of hiccups:

Another 365 days.....

I’ve just reviewed my first post of 2017, which set out what I was going to do for 2017. The key goal? Time Management, because I thought that if I managed my time better, everything else would fall into place.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t quite get a handle on my time management – my sleeping habits have not greatly improved, my fitness faltered (greatly), I fell out of love with running and my eating habits got worse. I actually plan to see out 2017 with pizza…..

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