Miyako at Andaz – City of London

I had recently won a twitter competition hosted by the Food Connoisseur and Zomato. The prize? Dinner at Miyako at Andaz, part of Andaz Dining at Liverpool Street, London.
Andaz Hotel, 40 Liverpool Street, City of London, London EC2M 7QN

Cave of Plunder – Clapton, London

"Hangry" – when one is so hungry, one gets angry.

And that could describe the collective feeling of me and my friends when last week we attended the launch of a new food residency at a local pub in Hackney Downs. We were informed that there would sliders and 20% off food. The kitchen made good on the sliders (though it took a while), but we were dismayed to find that the kitchen wasn’t going to take and make proper meal orders. That was the whole point of being there! And what made it worse was that the sliders actually tasted nice and most of us knew we were going to order that particular burger.

Alcohol was not going to solve the ‘hangry’ problem so some of us decided to leave the pub in search of somewhere to eat. The thought of going home on an empty stomach was too much for some if not most of our group to bear! Being an East Londoner I knew a place or two where we could catch some much needed food…..

201 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 8EG

Street Feast - Dalston Yard, London

My sister and I spent last Friday evening at Street Feast, which is night food market, showcasing the best of street food. Dining in London is not just about sitting in restaurants under artificial or dimmed lights....sometimes it's about congregating in random places (like disused car parks, warehouse and open spaces) and eating under the stars with great (or tolerable lol!) people. Provided the weather is good of course; and luckily for London we have had a late injection of Summer!


I was recently invited by Zomato for a #ZomatoMeetUp at Looking Glass, a cocktail club in East London. I had actually won a twitter competition hosted by Le Binh of The Food Connoisseur and Zomato (dinner at Miyako) and was subsequently invited to the Meet Up to collect my prize.

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