Running Errands

The Last 24 – 36 hrs have been really busy; I attended one graduation ceremony and have another one today. I’m very happy to see my siblings graduate!
However, prior to getting spruced up, I had a few things to do. I usually just wear the first thing(s) I see – here was the end result:

Jacket - Zara (as seen in this post)
Bag - Zara
Hoodied Jumper - Nike
Jeans - New Look
Boots - H&M (as seen in this post)

I absolutely love my Nike hoody; I’ve had it for years and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it. Combined with my Zara jacket, I had no issue with the cold especially as temperatures have dropped in the UK – it was very warm. I’m thoroughly enjoying my studded boots, though the way I walk in them you can hear me coming before you see me!


So, I’ve not posted for the best part of this month. For a variety of reasons, mostly concerning that little thing called Life which has included but not limited to crazy times at work, running errands for my family watching hilarious new shows Girls (Sky Atlantic) and Some Girls (BBC3) and re-discovering my love for banana cake.
I could/should apologise, but the reality I have come to face is that I may not be able to blog as often as I intended to……..and I now don't feel as bad as I did around 10 November 2012.
Having said that I do owe my blog and its readers a few posts! Hence why this has been posted at an erratic hour :¬)
Wanted to show off a small purchase made about 2 weeks ago:
Sleek Blush, £4.49
An addition to my tiny (and often wasted) make-up collection!

Without flash

With flash
I saw a post on Sleek Blush in Rose Gold by another blogger (who for the life of me I cannot remember – the perils of blog surfing! I remember it was a British Blogger…..). I was very intrigued by the shimmer and wanted to get one for myself. I saw the Sunrise Blush as well; even though prima facie (“on the face of it”) they looked the same, Rose Gold had a lot more shimmer than Sunrise. I felt that Sunrise was more of a blush and would suit my skin better – I think it’s warmer, whereas Rose Gold was more of a party blush. And the price ain't so bad either.
Since I bought it, I have only tested it for the purpose of my blog, but I hope to give it a full try out when I attend my younger brother’s graduation. And with that I’m off to get a bit of ‘beauty’ sleep, but I will leave you with a song (and video) that has been seducing my ears:
Until Next Time x


Studded Boots

With the darker, colder days firmly in place many people will now be shopping for their winter wardrobe.
I have actually been reviewing the clothes in my possession and a significant amount has gone on eBay or to charity. Having said that, I then have space to buy a few more things!
My latest arrival (because I purchased them online a while ago) are these studded low heel boots from H&M:
Studded Shoe Boots (not real leather) -
H&M, £29.99
Can be bought here

I like that these boots are a simple style; I also like that it has a low heel; very practical. My mum says I walk like a soldier (hahaha!) so I can’t really be running about London in impractical heels.
The stud detail is subtle; the studs make the boots stand out without being too in my face. It’s a style that I believe I can rock well into next winter.
I hope these boots serve me well x

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