Cheap Professional

I’ve not done a post on work wear, but I wanted to share this bargain with you!

Dress, Asda -sold out
Blazer, H&M

We Own The Night

On 10 April 2013, I signed up for a We Own the Night (WOTN) – a 10km run for women, hosted by Nike and Elle magazine in the East End of London.

I signed up to this run with the gentle nudge and encouragement of my fellow fitness darlings (Rachel, Jo, Ogechi, Nkeiruka, Nneka to name a few!). Basically this time last year… fact as recently as December 2012, my position as to running/jogging was “I do not run”. No ifs no buts, just no. The thought of running/jogging longer than a minute filled me with dread! However part of my goals for 2013 was to increase my cardio and fitness – this included taking up jogging. After all it was about time that I started challenging myself……..

Summer Pieces

The South East has had a spell of lovely weather for the past two weeks……a far cry from the snow we had in March! I’m also loving that the days are so much brighter.
I’ve finally started updating my summer wardrobe; I’ve been on the search for holiday-wear and work friendly clothes. I managed to get a few pieces (all from H&M):

These tops are essentially basic tees; however H&M have prettied them up by adding crepe material. The tops are light and can be worn casually or under a suit jacket or with a pencil skirt for those warmer days. I’m actually tempted to get the top in more colours!

These are the second pair of shorts that I have bought in the past month. I’m going on a long haul holiday later on in the year and I intend to wear shorts, vest tops and playsuits during my holiday (when I’m not wearing swimwear). These shorts are supposed to be loose; however I bought a size down for a snugger fit. Without sounding vain, these shorts look great on me!
On my last holiday I found myself wearing the same pair of shorts for most of the time; when they were in the wash I wore a longer pair which were not that comfortable…..

I also bought this sleeveless blouse for my holiday. I don't usually wear a lot of white, but I really liked that this blouse is light, oversized and airy. It would be great for the humid evenings while on holiday.
Writing this post has made me wish I booked my holiday earlier!


Ramble Alert!!
It’s been a month since my last post……I’ve been in semi weird place (in my mind) plus I've been busy.
I’ve been contemplating my life recently – where I am and where I want to be (in other words over thinking!).
Since my last post, I have gotten a year older. I’m grateful and Blessed for having another year of life, but sometimes I think “what am I doing with it?!”
My dreams from 10 years ago differ greatly to my current reality, in so many ways. It’s not so terrible, but I don’t feel satisfied. I focused on certain areas of my life, such as education and get my legal qualifications, while neglecting/sacrificing other areas. Yeah, I got my legal qualifications but I still feel I’ve not progressed as person…..if that makes sense.
So now the running theme in my head is Do – what to do? What I can do? What should I do? I’ve basically been feeling restless, but have not been doing much to resolve it.
I’m the one holding me back. I can feel it. Even when I have an idea for a blog post and a bit of free time to complete the post, I somehow manage to find a way to avoid doing it. Urgh – I never used to be like this a few years back. I have been entertaining some serious doubts in my head *sigh*
How can I live or even enjoy life if I’m restless on the sidelines? Answers on a postcard the meantime I rely on books by Dorothy Koomson for a bit of escapism!
Readers, this well and truly a ramble post. It may not make sense to you; not sure if it even makes sense to me. but I felt I had to do this post in order to move forward…….if you have managed to read this far, thanks for reading! I’m sure some, if not a lot of people feel like this from time to time. I had to de-clutter my brain a bit!

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