Ramble Alert!!
It’s been a month since my last post……I’ve been in semi weird place (in my mind) plus I've been busy.
I’ve been contemplating my life recently – where I am and where I want to be (in other words over thinking!).
Since my last post, I have gotten a year older. I’m grateful and Blessed for having another year of life, but sometimes I think “what am I doing with it?!”
My dreams from 10 years ago differ greatly to my current reality, in so many ways. It’s not so terrible, but I don’t feel satisfied. I focused on certain areas of my life, such as education and get my legal qualifications, while neglecting/sacrificing other areas. Yeah, I got my legal qualifications but I still feel I’ve not progressed as person…..if that makes sense.
So now the running theme in my head is Do – what to do? What I can do? What should I do? I’ve basically been feeling restless, but have not been doing much to resolve it.
I’m the one holding me back. I can feel it. Even when I have an idea for a blog post and a bit of free time to complete the post, I somehow manage to find a way to avoid doing it. Urgh – I never used to be like this a few years back. I have been entertaining some serious doubts in my head *sigh*
How can I live or even enjoy life if I’m restless on the sidelines? Answers on a postcard the meantime I rely on books by Dorothy Koomson for a bit of escapism!
Readers, this well and truly a ramble post. It may not make sense to you; not sure if it even makes sense to me. but I felt I had to do this post in order to move forward…….if you have managed to read this far, thanks for reading! I’m sure some, if not a lot of people feel like this from time to time. I had to de-clutter my brain a bit!

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  1. Always better out than in! Love that quote too! So true! will find your way! :) x


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