Meeting Dorothy Koomson

Now, I could faff about ‘apologising’ about my lack of posts, but what’s the point?!

So, I’m going to press ahead with my post which I find more exciting….I met one of my favourite authors, Dorothy Koomson!

My love for Dorothy’s work started in September 2011 on a sandy beach in the Dominican Republic; I picked a book from the hotel’s beach library, namely The Ice Cream Girls (which was made into a drama by ITV). I spent 6 hours working on my tan while engrossed in the novel – a drama/thriller with a great twist.

I was interested in her other books and on my return to the UK I started checking out her other books…… 3 ½ years and 9 books later, I have read all her novels!

A late night scroll of twitter lead me to a retweet by her (yep, I’m on twitter now). She was going to be at Woolwich Library in celebrations of World Book Night which was on 23 April 2014. It must have been fate – I was due at Greenwich in the afternoon and Woolwich was a mere 10 minutes away!

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