Cosmo and Clinique

What I like particularly like about Tesco (and WH Smith) is that from time to time, I can buy my regular magazines, namely Glamour and Cosmopolitan, a little bit earlier before it generally is supposed to go on sale. Like today, I was able to buy the April edition of Cosmopolitan while scavenging for lunch, even though it supposed to be on sale from 01 March 2012:

On the cover is the lovely Ms Willoughby, looking very sultry
(She's a UK TV presenter, for the information of any lovely international readers)

It all adds up

My finances have finally (well, somewhat) recovered from the Christmas season and with payday confidently round the corner, I thought I would buy some bits and bobs from Amazon. And Avon. And New Look.

Ash Wednesday

Hi all, just a quick personal post.......

Today marks (literally) the season of Lent – 40 days of fasting, prayer and alms-giving. It’s the day when the palm leaves from last Easter are burnt to ashes and these ashes are marked on foreheads to signify our mortality. I'll be going to Mass later on to receive the ashes on my forehead (provided I can leave work in good time)

As a Christian (definitely not in the strictest sense!) I’ve tended to not necessarily fast, but give up something, e.g. chocolate or crisps or fizzy drinks. I reckon one of the hardest things I gave up was rice….especially as at the time I was not a fan of spaghetti or pasta…times have changed since then.

I suppose that until a few years ago I went through the motions of Lent because it was expected of me. Being raised in a Christian home and going to a Catholic primary school and secondary school, Lent was significant and everyone was expected to do their part and a lot of people did, without knowing exactly why or necessarily gaining any benefit. Now I’m a big girl, I feel I have a better understanding of Lent for myself and appreciation of it. It’s a time to take a step back, reflect and take control – that’s something we all need to do once in a while regardless of your faith or beliefs.



Today is Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Day. After battling the A406, M25, M11 and M1 (btw, these are UK roads for any international readers) for a court hearing that lasted less than an hour, I was seriously craving pancakes; especially as I didn’t have any lunch (my poor stomach!).

So tonight’s dinner was naturally gonna be pancakes………..

I made about 11 pancakes, but rest assured I didn't finish
them myself! Was kind enough to share with my siblings!

(Cheating) BBQ Chicken

So recently I’ve been checking out a blog called Beyond Kimchee, which is basically about Korean cooking and beyond. One post that caught my attention was called Korean Fried Chicken, KFC vs KFC – it basically just made my mouth water! So I decided that this weekend I would make BBQ chicken; I even decided to make the BBQ sauce from scratch (I do like a challenge):

Valentine’s Day

“Happy Valentine’s Day, love you xx”….

That was the text I received from my dad at about 5pm today, towards the end of a very, very, VERY trying working day. My reply?  Ur so gay lol! Happy Valentine’s Day x

Getting the text from my dad reminded me of the opening scenes of Something New, where the character Kenya McQueen (played by Sanaa Lathan) looks at her diary for the day, which coincidently is Valentine’s Day. While she has a busy work day ahead of her, after 7pm her schedule is painfully bare. After work and drinks with her girls, she comes home to get a phone call from her dad, wishing her happy Valentine’s Day - "Happy Valentine's Day SweetPea!".

I have gone through several (if not all) Valentine Days as a single girl; today was no different. My stance has differed from year to year, from “Valentine’s Day is nothing but a commercial holiday invented by businesses” to “Valentine’s Day is just another day to me”.  I tend to share greetings with my family and friends, ‘cause you know, the day is really about sharing the love…..

But today, as I made my way home and saw roses/flowers in the hands of giving boyfriends/husbands or receiving girlfriends/wives, and couples going to have an over-priced meal (or in the case of young love going to Nandos for some good ol’ chicken!) or going to see The Vow (Channing Tatum is uber buff!), I couldn’t help but wish that I was receiving roses or being taken for an over-priced meal *sigh*.

Maybe it will be different next year, yeah?

Lack of Time

It’s been barely a week since I’ve started my blog and I feel like I’m already neglecting it……..

My job lately has taken up quite a bit of my time…..between the late scheduled client meetings and my never decreasing workload, I have been coming home with only two goals in mind – eat and sleep!

I feel like there’s never enough time – this weekend alone has gone in a blink of the eye! Knowing that Monday is just round the corner can be a bit emotional……
I don’t anticipate work getting any less busier :-/…….there quite few major matters on the horizon and I’m due to qualify in about 3 months so I reckon more responsibility will come avalanching my way!

The life of a trainee solicitor - slave to the office!

Just can’t seem to let go…….

Of the magazines I buy! Like most women (I assume) I like reading magazines. I am a committed Glamour and Cosmopolitan reader. I’ll also buy Black Hair & Beauty and/or Black Hair Sophisticates when I want hair inspiration. I’ll also on occasion pick up magazines on special price (Look, Grazia, Company and just 4 days ago Marie Claire). But once they enter my home, it takes a bit of effort to evict them………

Feeling Blue

My last few purchases have one thing in common – they’re blue:

                                                      Figure-fitting jersey dress - H&M

Be a good girl and say hello!


after much deliberation, i have decided to borrow a piece of the world wide web and start my own blog. i have to say at the time of writing this first post, i don't really have a particular direction for this blog; all i know is that i wanted/needed somewhere to release some of the thoughts over-occupying my mind, ramble about my "simple" life and rant from time to time. whether this is a good/cool/stupid idea, only time will tell......

for those who stumble across this blog, welcome, i hope you enjoy it!

Chi-Chi x
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