Valentine’s Day

“Happy Valentine’s Day, love you xx”….

That was the text I received from my dad at about 5pm today, towards the end of a very, very, VERY trying working day. My reply?  Ur so gay lol! Happy Valentine’s Day x

Getting the text from my dad reminded me of the opening scenes of Something New, where the character Kenya McQueen (played by Sanaa Lathan) looks at her diary for the day, which coincidently is Valentine’s Day. While she has a busy work day ahead of her, after 7pm her schedule is painfully bare. After work and drinks with her girls, she comes home to get a phone call from her dad, wishing her happy Valentine’s Day - "Happy Valentine's Day SweetPea!".

I have gone through several (if not all) Valentine Days as a single girl; today was no different. My stance has differed from year to year, from “Valentine’s Day is nothing but a commercial holiday invented by businesses” to “Valentine’s Day is just another day to me”.  I tend to share greetings with my family and friends, ‘cause you know, the day is really about sharing the love…..

But today, as I made my way home and saw roses/flowers in the hands of giving boyfriends/husbands or receiving girlfriends/wives, and couples going to have an over-priced meal (or in the case of young love going to Nandos for some good ol’ chicken!) or going to see The Vow (Channing Tatum is uber buff!), I couldn’t help but wish that I was receiving roses or being taken for an over-priced meal *sigh*.

Maybe it will be different next year, yeah?


  1. Hola preciosa!! Feliz día de San Valentin.

  2. Happy Valentines!

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  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. :) You're right X-Men: First Class was so great. Glad you appreciate films! I agree with you Channing Tatum is buff, haha. I'm looking forward in seeing a film he's in which will be coming out soon called 21 Jump Street, it looks so funnnny. If you would like to follow my blog that would be awesome and I would appreciate it. Take care. <3


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