Just can’t seem to let go…….

Of the magazines I buy! Like most women (I assume) I like reading magazines. I am a committed Glamour and Cosmopolitan reader. I’ll also buy Black Hair & Beauty and/or Black Hair Sophisticates when I want hair inspiration. I’ll also on occasion pick up magazines on special price (Look, Grazia, Company and just 4 days ago Marie Claire). But once they enter my home, it takes a bit of effort to evict them………

Oh, I see a More magazine in the corner; bought on special price of course :¬)

 It's nice to have loads of hair inspiration to hand, even if it may be from 2009..... 

That August 2011 issue may be handy in 2012 - right?

My April editions since 2007.....

The March issue is current reading material, while the Feb issue is MIA....

Why do I hold onto these magazines for so long? Just because I might want to read an interesting article again, or I might want to try that hairstyle in the near future, or I might want to look at the pretty fashion pages once more…….emphasis on the “might”! I reckon the oldest magazine in my possession at the moment is a Glamour magazine from April 2007. Why? Because I thought it would be cool to collect the April issues of my preferred magazine as it’s the month I was born (queue the “OMG she’s a bit nutty” thoughts!)………

So I'm a bit of a hoarder. In my defence, I am a lot better than I used to be, courtesy of gentle threats from my mother. With the exception of the April issue of Glamour, I try to get rid of magazines older than 6 months, though judging by the above pics I’m obviously overdue for another magazine cleanse ^_^


  1. i know exactly how you feel. your blog is fabulous. totally following. can't wait to read more. thanks for sharing, love. stop by sometime. xo

    LA fashion from a former small town girl.

  2. haha yep just like me <3 x


  3. I hoard all of my wedding magazines, even after the big was over!! Cannot help it. They are too beautiful.

  4. wow good to know i'm not the only one like that out there but in my case i'm not getting rid of any of mines & if you looking to get rid of some mail them my way don't worry i'll pay for postage i'll hoard whatever i want lol, thanks for stopping by :) chev

  5. Lol, This is so me, I have a corner of my room dedicated to magazines, The stacks getting quite high but I just cant let go x_x

    Kiwi ..x

  6. Hello Chichi. :D Nice to found ur blog. I love magazine, too. I love to read any kind of fashion issue. It's interesting. :)
    Then u inspire me to write about my magazine collection. I'll do it later. LOL.



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