Big Easy – Kings Road, London

As you may have now gathered, I’m a girl who loves her food! I love eating out with friends; I actually prefer it to drinking out these days…..

So I recently went Big Easy, which is based on Kings Road, Chelsea, London.  It’s a Bar-B-Q and crabshack, serving as you may have guessed BBQ chicken, ribs, steak, burgers, crab, lobster and mussels (my mouth is watering as I write this!).

I didn’t get much pics of the exterior and interior….I found it to be quite a snug venue especially as there was a lot of people in the restaurant. However it did not really bother me once I sat down with my friends as once I got to our table there wasn’t the feeling of intrusion and we were able to hold conversations at a decent level.

Big Easy has a strict table turnover of 2 hours. Our table had been booked for 6:30pm; I didn’t arrive until 7pm as I had quite a journey travelling from work in East London (I drove as well). The last of our party arrive at about 7:10pm. Luckily everyone knew what they wanted having reviewed the menu before arriving and we were able to order quickly and get our food easily too.

And here are the meals we indulged in:
Half Bar-B-Q Chicken with Beans & Coleslaw

Steak & Half Lobster (another friend had the same meal)

Deluxe Lobster Bake -
1/2 lb of maine lobster, jumbo shrimp, mussels, crab claws
with new potatoes and garlic white wine sauce

Again, it being a Friday during Lent, I kept up with the no meat tradition, so I had the Crab Shack combo, which consisted of crab claws, mussels and shrimp with new potatoes in garlic white wine sauce. It was gooooooood! I noted that I had a lot of mussels on my plate; I kind of wished that I had a bit more shrimp.

Crab Shack Combo
My friends and I had our appetisers and mains together due to the time constraint; however the general consensus was that the food was good.
I would be mindful of the price of your meal, especially if you wanted a steak and seafood combo meal. On a Friday/Saturday night, expect to pay £27 - £34 for appetisers, main and a drink (yes, a drink) and if you’re going for a combo meal expect to pay £45 - £55.

I suppose for the food that they serve there are likely to be cheaper places to eat (TGI Friday anyone) and there isn't a strict table turnover. But sometimes, for a foodie like me, price doesn't matter especially when the food is good. I might just hit up Big Easy once more…….
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