Because it was a Bargain

Hi readers,

So that self-imposed restriction on shopping was well and truly forgotten this last week…..

But in my defence everything purchased was on sale:

Dress - H&M
Original Price: £14.99
Sale Price: £7.49

Shorts - H&M Conscious Collection
Original Price: £14.99
Sale Price: £7

Dri-Fit Top - Nike
Orginal Price: £36
Sale Price: £25.20

T-Shirt - Nike
Original Price: £25 (a bit cheeky if you ask me!)
Sale Price: £12.50

Scarf/Pashmina - Forever 21
Original Price: £8.40
Sale Price: £6.49
(not much of a sale, but then I didn't even know it was reduced until I got to the counter)

Pale Gold Leather Shoes - Office (Ebay Outlet store)
Original Price: £60
Sale Price: £5 (yes, £5....BARGAIN!!!!)
When I was browsing eBay during my lunch hour at work and I saw that the Office shoes were a fiver, down from £60 and my size was available, I didn’t question whether I actually needed or wanted the shoes. They had to be bought! But now I have them, I’m glad that I acted on impulse as they make a welcome addition to my sea of black shoes, plus there’s a wedding coming up. So I have convinced myself that it was money very well spent.

If I do the maths, the original price of this entire haul would be £159.38. However by purchasing these items on sale I have spent £63.68, saving 40%!

There are currently quite a lot of sales in London and it’s easy to get caught in the tumbling price tags…..I did ask myself “is it because it is a bargain? Do I need it? Do I want it”

I encourage you to ask the same questions x

Book Review - 50 Shades Freed

So, I’ve finished the Trilogy; the 50 Shades journey is over…..

From my instagram account chi174...holla!

Cheap n Sweet Treats

Hi guys! Hope you’re well x

Since my Back to the Shop post, I have attempted to restrict my spending especially on clothes. I regularly check out the H&M website but have bought only 1 item from the sale. My self-discipline has been in check so far…..I’ve been occupied reading the 50 Shades Trilogy!

I will admit that I have indulged in a few cheap treats:

I always buy Glamour Magazine, but this month's issue
was a treat as it came with a free gift from Benefit.
I chose the Bad Gal Lash Mascara; I've used it before and it superb

NYC - Fashion Ave Fuschia (268)
Barry M - Berry I/C (308)
NYC - Park Ave (246)
Superdrug was doing 3 for 2 on all cosmetics - the deal is now over

I’m currently wearing Barry M on my nails:

Taken from my instagram account
I actually think this is my favourite Barry M colour!

And as for sweet treats:
Formatted using the app PicsArt

I made some chocolate Oreo cupcakes consisting of a chocolate cupcake with an Oreo in the middle, finished with Oreo buttercream icing and topped with crushed Oreos. And yes……they taste mighty fine!

I was inspired to make the cupcakes after reading Esther’s post O is for Oreos!! Part 2! on her blog, Black. Is. Beauty. She has put up the recipe for the cupcakes which I modified for my own purposes. I seriously encourage you to try baking these cupcakes for yourself!!!

Tailored Skirt

Hi guys,

The last week and a bit has been a bit random, confusing and emotional for people close to me and my family, and in turn I have felt the effects. I won’t divulge details, but readers please appreciate your life and loved ones, be certain of what you want and achieve those dreams. Time waits for no one……

My God Sister recently had her Igba Nkwu Ceremony – a traditional Nigerian wedding. I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to get something made.

I haven’t worn African Fabric for years……not since I was 7/8 years old (*head hangs down in shame*). It’s mad, especially since I’m down Petticoat Lane Market (aka Liverpool Street Market) at least one Sunday a month with my mum shopping for African fabrics.

I decided to get a simple pencil skirt made; here is the finished product:

the fabric itself was quite cheap - £20 for about 6 yards; I was drawn by the
blue and purple, my fave colours!
Apart from this skirt, my mum used the fabric to make a traditional top and skirt

Top - H&M (old)
picture was taken when i had just arrived home - tired and hungry for
Chinese takeaway - I was looking at my food, hence the bad posture!

This is hopefully the start of a beautiful collection. I hope to get more garments made in the future and not just for special occasions.

If you want to check out African print with a modern twist, please check African Prints in Fashion (click here) further inspiration and beautiful designs.

I would also like to take opportunity to state that I don’t really appreciate the fashion industry’s referral to African Wear/Fabric as ‘tribal’ and a trend. I find that the use of the word tribal is quite condescending and African Wear should not be considered a trend – it was here before Solange, Gwen Stefani and the like started rocking it and it will be here after the fashion industry move on to some other so called trend #justsaying

Book Review – 50 Shades Darker

Hi guys, I hope you are well! As promised, here is the review of the 2nd novel in the 50 Shade Trilogy:

Photo taken by me, via Instagram

Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2012

Hi guys, hope you’re all well. To my UK readers, hope you have enjoyed the 4 day DiamondJubilee Weekend – God Save the Queen lol! But I don’t want to go back to work……

Yesterday (04 June 2012), I went to Afro Hair & Beauty Live with my sister. It’s an annual event held in London, celebrating Black beauty and creativity…..there were shows, competitions, shops and most importantly, freebies!

Here are a few of the pics that I took yesterday:

By Triballery

By FintexCreative

And here some of the products that came home with me…..

I bought the sprays 2 for £5; plus I got freebie samples

I bought each mag for £1.50; they are the last and current issues.
Normally they're £2.99 each

Some more freebies

These is the hair brand that I usually use on my hair;
the sheen spray was bought for £1.50, while the cream was £3.50
On the left are some sample of the products that I normally use

Pure unrefined Shea Butter
£3 for 100g from Dickson's Natural Beauty Products

It’s been about 6/7 years since I last went to Afro Hair & Beauty Live. I think that there has been a great improvement in the products they were promoting – a greater range of organic hair products, better weaves/ hair extensions and better promotion of natural hair and health concerns. The talent was amazing, from the barbers, to the braiders and Avant-Garde stylists (with an Olympic & Jubilee theme!) and young men & women promoting their small businesses and hand made products.

I look forward to next year’s show x

Book Review – 50 Shades of Grey

Hi all! I hope you’re all well; to my UK followers/readers it’s the Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend – no work until Wednesday woohoo!!!!

So, I’ve just finished reading 50 Shades of Grey. It was given to me as a birthday gift from one of my friends; she said that she reckoned it would be the sort of thing I would read….and she kind of wasn’t wrong! Given the media attention it has had lately and me being a book junkie, I thought I would do a review of it. I’ll try to avoid spoilers.

Pic taken by me; from my instagram account (chi174)
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