Book Review – 50 Shades Darker

Hi guys, I hope you are well! As promised, here is the review of the 2nd novel in the 50 Shade Trilogy:

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The gist (without giving the story away):

The 2nd book follows on from the abrupt ending of the 1st book. In this novel we see the intense development of Ana and Christian’s relationship and we delve a bit further into Christian’s background and why he is the way he is. Further revelations are made, with Ana making quite a significant decision about her future with Christian. Further minor characters were introduced, with 2 or 3 having a more significant role in the novel however it ultimately about Ana and Christian.

What do I think about 50 Shades Darker?

I actually read this book a lot quicker than the 1st novel; over the Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend (4 day weekend!) and I think it was better. Ana was still annoying, constantly referring to her inner goddess and sub-conscious. Her use of profanity (holy shit/fuck) is just as annoying in the first book. However I felt that she was a bit stronger in challenging Christian. Christian is controlling, possessive and a bit of a stalker; however as the novel goes on you can see (or rather imagine) a progressive change in him due to Ana and he is slowly learning to let go. Oh, and as far as my imagination is concerned he is still lush!

Again the parallels with Bella and Edward’s relationship in the Twilight series are strong though it seems that there was a small effort to try and make Ana and Christian’s relationship different by using the characters of Elena and Jack. But ultimately the whole “I need you in my life/I’m nothing without you/You’re my everything/I don’t want to lose you” stuff is laid on very thick. And I find that cringey….but then maybe that’s because I’m a bit of a cynic!

One observation I made while reading this book was the time frame. I felt for Ana and Christian and the other events that happen in the novel, the time in which it happens is very tight. For those who may have already read the book or will read it, may notice this too. In light of knowing that this is fiction, I still think that some of the stuff that happens in the novel is a bit too intense for the time span; I just think it could have been spread out over a few months rather than mere weeks.

And the sex…..

Yep, there’s lots of sex; I think even more than the 1st novel and graphic details. But there’s more passion, more confidence from Ana, more intensity and less cheese! But the mummy porn label definitely has to go!


I think 50 Shades Darker is a more tolerable read than 50 Shades of Grey. For me, it was more engaging; however I would have liked the time span to have spread out a little bit more. In between the over passionate declarations of love and lust lies a storyline or two which is set to develop further in the third and final novel, 50 Shades Freed. I feel can already predict the outcome for Ana or Christian……..


  1. hie, i've been looking for novels to read and i came across this post! I might just buy this book hey.

  2. love this book!
    i just dont know how there gonna pull this off as a movie u know? lol!

  3. I loved all three so much I read them all in like 5 days <3
    I wish there was more

    NRC ♥

  4. I think I'm going to get these books this weekend! I want to see what the big deal is...

  5. ooh I'll give it a shot, been looking for some books to read over Summer. I haven't heard of this series before! Have you read the hunger games yet? :)

  6. just found your blog and love your aesthetic!

    and hey guess what! i just started a new blog! i think i have some great ideas and i'd love if you could stop by and perhaps follow it, if you like! (i'm following you, of course!)

  7. Sounds like a great series! =)

  8. Hey Chi-Chi. Thanks for visiting my blog, You Like It? I Made It!, and commenting on my lace dress. I really appreciated the visit and the thoughtful comment.

    Also, I will have to stay tuned to your blog to see the latest on your book reviews. I could use a couple good reads myself. ;) Thanks for sharing.

  9. ciao! great! :) un bacione

    visit my blog

  10. ewo I just bought this like last week, the part 1 (shades of grey) caught my attention well but I'm not really feeling this one. so i might just pass reading the third.
    great narration

  11. I love these books they are fab and so easy too read! :)

    Natasha Carly x


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