The Blue Shoes Styled

Pics taken with my camera phone -
This weekend the photo quality seems to be off!

Black Top - H&M
Blue Jumper - H&M
Skinny Jeans - New Look
Blue Shoes - H&M (see previous post)

I’m by no way a stylist; hell I pick comfort over style 85% of the time (don’t ask about the other 15% lol)!
However I reckon that these mid heels are suited to a simple outfit; skinny jeans, leggings or even a sleek pencil skirt over a great flashy flowing dress. I think that if the heel was higher, then the shoes would look great with a body con midi dress
I actually prefer the shoes with the black top rather than the blue jumper, just because the shoes have an opportunity to be noticed.
What do you think?


  1. I'm LOVING those shoes! They will dress up anything! I agree about the comfort factor - being in pain for fashion is never chic!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  2. Pretty shoes!

    xo Jennifer

  3. hi Chi-Chi! hope you're doing well.
    i love your blue heels so much - i think i need to try them on the next time i'm at h&m. they are definitely eye-catchers and great to do color blocking with:) lots of love xx

  4. I love acid washed jeans! And they fit you great! ;}


  5. Cute outfit! Love your jeans! :)

    After Flats

  6. I really like your blog dear! You have a great eye for style!
    Keep up with the great work :)


  7. Very cute pumps - Love this classy casual look!

  8. Love the shoes and they work well with both tops, but I think I prefer the blue top with them.

  9. you are killing it,Nice blog really enjoyed stopping by, love from


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