I Feast

London has experienced some fantabulous weather in recent weeks; I have definitely enjoyed the great weather! Bare legs, alfresco dining, BBQ and great company – just some of the things that make my Summer!

I and a few friends recently went to Feast, which was held just off Brick Lane in London. It was an opportunity to ‘sample’ the best of what London’s street food industry had to offer. As a food lover I do tend to think with my stomach (I mean who hasn’t?!), so all us girls were very excited to go.

Rekordelig Midsummer House

A couple weeks ago, during my blogging hiatus, I attended the Rekorderlig Midsummer House in Victoria Park East London.


Your Girl Is Back......

Well I think so. Kind of. 

I've not blogged in a month, but I have been checking out other blogs (I've been lurking in the background). Despite my absence, I've seen that my blog is still checked on a daily basis which I do appreciate!

The break was needed though I must admit that about 40% was attributed to laziness! However I do have a few posts coming up. I can't give you daily posts, I can't even promise regular posts, but I will try to give my blog a bit more attention!

In the meantime, I have 'claimed' my blog on bloglovin.com. There was such a big deal about Google Reader closing down on 01 July 2013 that I joined bloglovin so I could import the blogs that I followed. But it really was not a big deal because since 01 July 2013 I have been able to easily access and read the blogs that I follow whenever I log into my own blog.......

But anyhoo, If you're an avid user of bloglovin and would like to follow my small and humble mish mash of a blog, please feel free to do so.
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