Rekordelig Midsummer House

A couple weeks ago, during my blogging hiatus, I attended the Rekorderlig Midsummer House in Victoria Park East London.


Rekorderlig is a Swedish cider brand; to celebrate longer summer days, a Midsummer House (or rather a pop up pub) was set up in the park; it was open from 21 June 2013 to 05 July 2013 with afternoon (12pm - 5pm) and evening (6pm - 11pm) sessions. Tickets were £10, which covered BBQ food and drink (more on that later).

Inside the Midsummer House

Outside - so glad that it was a decent day and it did not rain!
In the last 10 months I have become a bit of a fruit cider drinker; I think it’s because they’re sweet and don’t really taste alcoholic! Seduced by the thought of free drink and food, I and a friend purchased tickets to attend this alcoholic oasis in Victoria Park (never mind the fact that there are like 4 pubs right next to the park!)

The thought of free flowing drink and food were swiftly put to bed when I and my friend realised that our entry tickets entitled us to 1 free cider of our choice and a BBQ taster. It was a large glass of cider (a bottle of 500ml) and the BBQ taster did taste nice, so I was interested in having more. I wasn’t anywhere drunk, but I definitely sobered up when subsequent purchases of cider were £4 and a gourmet Swedish hotdog (without any chips, salad or side to go with it) was going to cost £5. I will not lie, the price of the hotdog hurt me more than the cost of the drink, especially as I and my friend bought because we were hungry! While it tasted good, I did not get my money’s worth.
Our free drinks
left - passionfruit
right - strawberry & lime

To be honest while it was lovely enjoying a Rekordelig Cider in the sun at the Midsummer House, I could have easily enjoyed a Rekorderlig Cider in the sun at a much cheaper price! The major supermarkets are currently doing deals on the cider and in any event it’s actually cheaper to buy a single cider from the supermarket and possibly any bar or pub than at the Midsummer House (or any other glorified pop up pub).
Mid-afternoon at the Midsummer House
it was a sell out for every day that it was open!
Despite the mediocre experience at the Rekorderlig Midsummer House, I would say that the brand does good cider and I recommend that you try it out – especially the strawberry and lime cider!


  1. Great photos!
    Those drinks look amazing!

  2. What a rip off! 4 quid a drink, but then I guess that's how they make their money. I've tried the pear from Rekorderlig (did I spell it right?) and it was too sweet for me but strawberry and lime sounds tasty. Thanks for sharing.

    <3 Paula Shoe Fiend.


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