Cheap Professional

I’ve not done a post on work wear, but I wanted to share this bargain with you!

Dress, Asda -sold out
Blazer, H&M

I bought this Studded Ponte Fit and Flare Dress from Asda about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been looking for new work clothes and over the last year or so I have been wearing skirts and dresses more often. I used to wear trousers almost all the time, but I think working in a predominately male environment has brought out my feminine side………weird.

Anyway, I was browsing on the internet when I saw the dress. I liked that it was smart casual, and that the studs gave it a bit of an edge. The dress was originally £16 and I was happy to pay this price; however I put in it the basket and forgot to purchase it. A couple of days later, the dress was still in my basket but had dropped in price to £8!!!!! I quickly finalised the purchase and wanted to buy the burgundy version, but it has already sold out.
It was a bit chilly (in May - good old reliable British weather!)
so I wore a basic top underneath
Having worn the dress a couple of times, I’m pleased with the quality of the material especially as it was from Asda, known to be cheap and cheerful. It’s quite sturdy and I think that it works in favour with my body shape. The dress can be made more formal with a blazer (as above) or dressed down with a cardigan.

This was my first clothes purchase from Asda......I think I may checking their George range more often!

When the fit & flare trend popped up a couple of years back, I was still in trousers mode so didn’t think to purchases such dresses…..but this is now my second fit& flare dress; how times have changed!. Hoping to buy one more…….


  1. wow you look incredibly chic! this dress looks really good on you, it fits perfectly. also love the colors black & grey together.
    have a great weekend! lots of love to london <3

  2. hello Chi-chi, I trust you are doing great? dress looks very good on yah!

  3. Half price... SCORE! I love this dress and you can jooszh it up with a snazzy belt and bright shoes when you leave the office :-D

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. Nice and classy :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  5. Lovely dress!
    great inspiration!

    A denim jacket and my favourite across body bag and flat shoes would transform this look into a lovely daywear outfit ;)
    High Street Fashion & Celebrity Style

  6. That is such a cute dress. So appropriate for work!

  7. Lovely look!

  8. cute look..

  9. Great look! <3
    Check out my new post!
    Follow me and I'll follow you back!

  10. hello i'm new in blogger !!!

    lovley choice kisss

    The Fashion Factory

  11. nice outfit! really like your dress!

  12. I really like your style, just found your blog. Now following and looking forward to more posts!!


  13. The beaded lace dress is incredible! So breathtakingly gorgeous
    fit and flare black dress


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