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Dublin Dash: Food, Food, Food

While I spent a lot of time on my feet during my few days in Dublin, when I did settle down it was to sleep or eat. One of the beauties of travelling for me is eating (in fact it’s one of the beauties of life for me). Between where I stayed in Rathmines and the City Centre there were loads of restaurants that I wanted to explore, but alas there wasn’t enough time. Or money……

But here are 3 places where I indulged my stomach:

BoBo’s Gourmet Irish Burgers

BoBo’s was the first place my friends and I ate after spending about 35 minutes walking up and down Rathmines trying to meet up with another friend!

We wanted something simple to eat and I suppose it doesn’t get much simpler than burgers.

Rock’n’Roll Dublin Half Marathon 2015

When I wrote about running my first half marathon, I ended the post stating that I was considering running another one…… and I did. I took part in the Rock’n’Roll Dublin Half Marathon at the beginning of August.

Dublin Dash

Last weekend I visited Dublin. I went to take part in the Rock n Roll Dublin Half Marathon (more on that later) and to for birthday celebrations of a friend, but also to have a bit of a break – affordable mind. I was with great company; friends and fellow runners from Nike+ Run Club Stratford (aka #e20Tigers).
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