Run Hackney 2015

Last weekend was all about running; on Saturday I did a 5K fun run and on Sunday I took part in my first half marathon (13.1 miles/21K), Run Hackney

The 5K fun run was untimed; I used it as an opportunity to loosen my legs for the half marathon the next day. It was great seeing loads of people (adults and children) from the local community and other areas of London taking part.

I had swapped my Sunday lie-ins and lazy days for long runs in preparation for the half marathon; I typically run a distance of about 7K on a weekly basis and I have taken part in 10K races. But I knew I had to step on distance and endurance in order to take on the half.

The route itself was quite nice though I would challenge the organisers as promoting the route as "flat and fast"..... there weren't any hills but there were come stealth inclines that could catch a new runner out. The crowds were amazing; people and children lined up along almost the entire route waiting to see their friends run pass them or hanging out of the windows of their homes, cheering and shouting words of encouragement to other runners. I had my own cheerleaders; friends who I run and train with. There were sights for sore eyes!

The race itself was quite good. I ran the first 5K and 10K faster than I expected: I started to struggle from about 14K and by 16.5K my legs were not in the mood to continue running. Between 17 K and 20K I was power walking/shuffling; I tried not to be too hard on myself but i have to say I was a little disappointed because I wanted to run the entire distance...I'm my own worst critic. However the power walk allowed me to muster enough energy to run the last kilometer and over finish line. After collecting my medal (which I love), finisher's t-shirt and goody bag I went to meet my friends and thanked them for encouraging me to run this half marathon by throwing words of abuse their way before laying down on the grass.......

immediately after the legs were GONE
My official chip time was 2 hours, 29 minutes, 30 secs which I was initially pleased with because my goals for this race was to:

  • Finish the race
  • Finish within 2 hours 30 minutes

But now I feel know that I could complete a half marathon in a better time; like 5 - 10 minutes faster. So as buzz of completing my first half marathon dies down, I'm actually contemplating running another one.......Damn it.

What beast has been unleashed.....??


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