Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2015

I went to Afro Hair and Beauty Live last Bank Holiday weekend; the last time I went was in 2012. I previously wrote about AHB Live in 2012 which you can check out here.

I went with the intention of not only checking out brands but also buying products. In previous years I just wandered about trying to collect as many samples and freebies. Naturally I did that this year, but AHB Live is a great opportunity to buy hair products are cheaper prices that what you would normally get at retail prices. I'm currently trying to transition from relaxed (chemically straightened) hair to natural hair and ABH Live was the place to get as much information and products as possible to help with the transition.

The hair demographic has changed significantly since I went to AHB - Natural Hair was prominent with Brands focused on promoting their latest products. For example ORS™  (formerly Organic Roots Stimulator) didn't bring any products from their Olive Oil range because it is so well established. Instead it was all about two of their new ranges - Monoi Oil, Curls Unleashed and Shealicious, which hadn't been released in the UK yet. I hardly saw any relaxers, which demonstrates that not only are more black women are embracing their natural hair, hair brands are actually listening to their consumers and catering for their wants and needs.

ORS™  definitely had a dominant presence at AHB; they had ambassadors giving out samples and ice-cream (yep, ice-cream and it was much needed as it got quite warm at the centre!) throughout the day. Their stand was in the middle of the Business Centre and there was an exclusive area for hair bloggers who they looked after. ORS™ even had a vending machine giving out free samples. it was activated by taking a photo of or by the machine, uploading it on Instagram or Twitter and using #tagorseurope. A sample would then drop; it was so cool!

As you can see above I came with quite a lot of samples! I looked like a bag lady and actually caught the attention of a few people inside and outside the event; they must have thought I bought loads!

I enjoyed attending AHB Live with my sister, but the biggest disappointment was that Crème of Nature wasn't selling any of its range on Sunday. They were saving their entire stock for Bank Holiday Monday, which I thought was unfair. Just my luck - the first time I visit AHB on a Sunday and my favourite brand wasn't even selling any products! I was ready to give them my money.....

All was not lost as I bought products from other brands such as Mazuri, Cantu and Ossat Naturals. Given that I'm trying to transition this is the perfect opportunity to branch out and try new products that may serve my hair better than my usual products. Still got love for Crème of Nature Argan Oil range though!

My hair is currently in braids however they are due to be taken out, so I look forward to trying the above products in the near future.

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  1. cool event & it looks like you got so much nice stuff!

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway


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