Loving Right Now - Soul Rich

It’s been a while since I acquired a mixtape; these days I tend to listen to music via YouTube or Soundcloud. But when a music artist makes quality music, it’s worth supporting their progression by purchasing their music.

I’ve been following 4i, an up and coming London rapper for a while; he is definitely one to watch.



We are well and truly into 2015! Probably by now you would know whether those resolutions and/or goals are going to stick or are going into the bin.


ClockJack - Soho, London

If I asked you to mention a chicken restaurant, I'm pretty confident that the first/popular response would be Nandos. For a long time Nandos has been the place to go when co-workers, families, friends and couples have wanted an affordable chicken meal; and it's easy to do so since as of 2015 there are over 300 branches in the UK alone. However there has been a rise in chicken restaurants around London.....I'm not surprised; the burger market is over saturated.

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