Book Review - 50 Shades Freed

So, I’ve finished the Trilogy; the 50 Shades journey is over…..

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In a Nutshell….

So Ana and Christian have become Mr & Mrs Grey; Ana is getting used to being wealthy while also battling with a controlling Christian for independence. Thrown into the mix is a “mysterious” person, who seems intent on destroying the Greys. Unexpected news shakes Ana & Christian, and Christian finally starts to open up about his past and the reader gets a brief insight into Christian’s mind.

We see Ana continue with her “inner goddess” and nympho tendencies, discovering her sexual preferences, while Christian tries to deal with his control issues.


There’s still a lot of sex, and kinky whatsits. There are still similarities to the Twilight Saga and Ana still refers to her “inner goddess”. Her inner goddess can be annoying…….

And despite Christian’s issues, my imagination tells me he looks sooooooo fine!

What do I think about 50 Shades Freed?

It was pretty much the same as 50 Shades Darker. EL James attempts to shake up the story with the mysterious person and their grudge against the Greys, but essentially the same themes prevail in this book as in the others. As I read through this book, I actually found myself skimming over some of the sex scenes as they were similar if not the same; save for once or twice, Ana came every time. At one point I was thinking “really?! She comes every time?!” I had to remind myself that this was just fiction…..if Stephanie Meyer could write vampires glow in the sunlight without dying, then E L James could write that Ana orgasms every time 50 Shades touches her.

The ending of the novel/trilogy was expected; you know that “happily ever after” stuff. Nothing really dramatic and it was a fitting end to the Trilogy. I wasn’t left wanting more and that was fine.

There was also a change in narrative, in that from time to time Anna refers to a memory and the reader experiences a bit of a flash back. We also get an insight into Christian’s mind as we are treated to his thoughts during his first Christmas and when he meets Anna for the first time. I thought that his first Christmas was really cute; however I was a bit mixed about his first meeting with Ana, even though his thoughts laid the foundations of the journey that he embarks with Ana.

The thing is that despite my reservations/criticisms of the novel, I got caught up in it. That’s why I love books; for a brief period, I enter another world and I let my imagination take over.

Could the 50 Shades Trilogy be effectively made into a film?

There are very few books/plays that have successfully translated onto the screen….I’m not entirely convinced that this would be great on the big screen. While the Trilogy (maybe due to the efficiency of the Kindle/e-reader) has been immensely popular, it doesn’t really have that much going for it. the movie would primarily consist of a naked actor and actress, with every other sentence being a declaration of their love for each other and 50 Shades references.

Having said that, I will admit right now that if they did do a film I will go and watch it……who would play Christian and Ana? My first thoughts have been Michael Fassbender, Christan Bale and weirdly enough Anne Hathaway (but then maybe it’s because I’ve been seeing a lot of her in the media due to Dark Knight Rises and Les Miserables)

And there you have it….if you have read the book, I want to hear your opinions. Was it good for you (pardon the pun)? Was it a terrible read? Who do you think should play Ana and Christian? Leave your comments below x


  1. Had to skip past the plot breakdown, as I wanna read the book and it would ruin it. I was aware it was about sex...but teasing me by casting Michael Fassbender as the lead, in your opinion is making me gush for air! After XMen 1st class, I was in love!


    1. i know....michael fassbender is yummy! thought he was brilliant in inglorious basterds and prometheus!

  2. I had to force myself through most of the book as it wasn't really a page turner. Towards the end it got better and I also think she mentions the inner goddess stuff way too often ;-). A movie could probably be very corny, as there isn't that much of a plot really.

  3. This is a great post!
    I have really enjoyed reading these books but I agree with you about the fact that it is very repetitive!
    Hopefully the film will be good! :)

    Natasha Carly x

  4. These books were terrible and an insult to literature. I couldn't actually finish the third book - I'm just seeing what others are saying about it.

  5. I'm not crazy about this trilogy, if you want to read real literature and a great story try the girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy,it is mind blowing!

  6. Nice review !!!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful book! I finished it a few days ago and cannot get it out of my head. It is pure magic. It was everything I hoped it would be and much more. ...
    50 shades of grey movie


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