Because it was a Bargain

Hi readers,

So that self-imposed restriction on shopping was well and truly forgotten this last week…..

But in my defence everything purchased was on sale:

Dress - H&M
Original Price: £14.99
Sale Price: £7.49

Shorts - H&M Conscious Collection
Original Price: £14.99
Sale Price: £7

Dri-Fit Top - Nike
Orginal Price: £36
Sale Price: £25.20

T-Shirt - Nike
Original Price: £25 (a bit cheeky if you ask me!)
Sale Price: £12.50

Scarf/Pashmina - Forever 21
Original Price: £8.40
Sale Price: £6.49
(not much of a sale, but then I didn't even know it was reduced until I got to the counter)

Pale Gold Leather Shoes - Office (Ebay Outlet store)
Original Price: £60
Sale Price: £5 (yes, £5....BARGAIN!!!!)
When I was browsing eBay during my lunch hour at work and I saw that the Office shoes were a fiver, down from £60 and my size was available, I didn’t question whether I actually needed or wanted the shoes. They had to be bought! But now I have them, I’m glad that I acted on impulse as they make a welcome addition to my sea of black shoes, plus there’s a wedding coming up. So I have convinced myself that it was money very well spent.

If I do the maths, the original price of this entire haul would be £159.38. However by purchasing these items on sale I have spent £63.68, saving 40%!

There are currently quite a lot of sales in London and it’s easy to get caught in the tumbling price tags…..I did ask myself “is it because it is a bargain? Do I need it? Do I want it”

I encourage you to ask the same questions x


Thanks for taking the time to read my post and leave a comment; I will endeavour to check out your blog as well x

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