A Weekend of Celebration

Hi readers!

Cheese and bread, the weather in London right now is ON POINT!!! God plugged in and switched on Summer – for the past few days the weather in London and around the UK has been gorgeous.

This weekend has been about birthdays; celebrating an extra year of life of good friends.

On Friday after work, I went to Camden, North London where the Birthday Boy celebrated his 26th birthday with a bite to eat at the Grand Union and the Proud Camden Bar. As it was the end of the weekend and the weather was good, I decided to wear a summer dress, which is not something I would normally wear to work:

This dress has featured in an earlier post (click here to see post)

On Saturday (last night), I went to the Southwark Rooms in South London to celebrate another friend’s 30th Birthday. The music was beyond heavy – funky house, afrobeats and my beloved old skool tunes!!! There was some serious skanking (dancing) that night - we did the electric slide twice! Here is what I wore for the evening:

Sheer Sleeveless Blouse - H&M
Purple Pencil Skirt - New Look
Patent Shoes - New Look
Clutch - Primark

Nails of the Night:
Barry M
Blueberry (Colour 306); Shocking Pink (Colour 272)

It was the perfect antidote to slightly stressful working week x

Nail Effects

Hi all!

Just a very quick post (before I hit my bed) to show off what’s currently on my nails:

Barry M
Gold (Colour 289); Nail Effects in Black (Colour311)

When I first sampled the Nail Effects, I really wasn’t that impressed with it. But having seen so many people use it especially on my friend’s nails (which you can see here) I decided to give it another go.

The nail polish has been on since Saturday and has lasted quite well. It is starting to chip, but the crack effect takes attention away from the chipping.

I think it’s due to the colour combination that makes the above Nail Effects successful. I have been able to go work to work with these nails and I have received nice comments about the nails – from the women obviously, because the guys in office don’t tend to notice changes straight away!

I think will try to experiment with other colours…….

Have you tried Nail Effects? Which colour combinations do you recommend?

Back to the Shop

Thanks to those who commented on my previous post; it’s nice to know that there are people who can relate to my situation and sympathise with it. I’m starting to get out of my funk and make plans. I hope that anyone else who may be going through something similar or going through their own personal situation will not go through it alone.

Since my last haul post I have come to the realisation that even though I don’t earn a lot of money, I’m more frivolous with money now than nearly 3 ½ years ago when I was practically living on next to nothing. I’m impulse buying a lot more which is not good especially when I know that my money could put to better use i.e. paying off student debts. Anyone who assumes that everyone who works in the legal industry is drowning in loads of money - I am currently living proof that it's not the case for everyone!

That’s not to say I will never indulge on an impulse purchase, but I have to gain better control on what I am spending (especially after what I spent this week on beauty products - but more on that in another post!). And with that I have decided to return a dress that I bought from H&M.

I bought it last Thursday after trying it on the previous week before. I have been umming and ahhing about the dress since I bought it. It is a nice dress, but to be honest I think I would only wear the dress once before it would be confined to the dark corner of my wardrobe for at least the next year until I would finally dig it out and attempt to sell it on eBay. It’s not kind to the dress or my purse…….

But before I take it back to the shop, here are a few pics of the dress:

Dress - H&M £29.99
Belt - my own (well actually from another H&M dress!)

Back View - the back is longer than the front
reflects the high/low trend that has been on the high street

H&M is my drug…I just hope I can actually refund the dress and not exchange it for something else!

Been In a Funk…..

Hi Readers,

It’s been over a week since my last post….it has been a trying week at work and in my mind. Things have not been easy with the boss man and as result I have been seriously considering my position whether I should move on from my current place of work.

When one thing becomes dodgy/ a bit difficult in my life, I tend to overthink every single thing that is wrong in my life, envy the whole world, and if my mind is truly on a mission to fuck me up (soz about the naughty language!) cry myself to sleep. So with work being annoying my mind proceeded to dissect my finances, my (non-existent) love life, my stress levels and my current life situation in minute detail  and my current life situation and ultimately remind me that I’m not where I’d envisaged I would be at this age. Meeting a couple of uni friends last week reinforced that idea. With all this buzzing in my mind, I haven’t been in the mood to post lately.

I’m slowly coming out of my funk; I’m deriving comfort from reading Maya Angelou’s autobiographical series and listening to old skool tunes and funky house. I had to remind myself that one of the reasons I created this blog was to have an outlet (no matter how random, and I know this blog is pretty random!); to give my brain a bit more space. Not sure if anyone can or will relate to this post……

I will pull myself out of the funk and things will get better. I have to believe in that.

Thanks for reading x

Old but Gold

Hi readers, I hope you’re all well! It’s a Bank Holiday in the UK so it’s a day off work!!!

From time to time I go through my clothes deciding which should stay and which should go to another home (eBay, charity, Nigeria). Usually they are old, maybe out of fashion, but wearable.

So this weekend I have been sorting out my clothes and shoes and have just about finished. However I noticed that there were some items that, even though I have had for quite a bit of time, I still wear them and I’m not sure if I could actually let them go:

Purple Batwing Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Bought in Winter 2008 (on sale!)

Green Batwing Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Bought Winter 2008 (again on sale)

I loved the batwing jumper so much that when I saw it green I did not hesitate to buy it….if there were other colours in my size at the time I would have hit them up too!

Gold Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Bought Winter 2007

What can I say? Dorothy Perkins had some quality clothes back in the day; all the jumpers are still in fab condition nearly 4/5 years later!

Caterpillar Logger Boots
Bought Autumn 2006
These boots are probably my most expensive purchase to date; I believe they were £110, but as I was a student at the time, I managed to negotiate a price of £95. These boots have served me so well during the Winter months every year and the random snow days that London has from time to time!

Converses - bought in 2005 and still going strong baby!!

I think that the above items would actually have to fall apart before I could finally let them go........

Do you have any ‘Old but Gold’ items?

I "Claim" That I'm Poor But……

It hasn’t stopped me spending!

T-Shirt - Uniqlo, from the UT Men's Collection

A close up of the print on the shirt

Trousers - H&M

Trousers - H&M
I loved the blue pair so much that I bought it in black;
ideal for a smart casual look in the office

The next load of purchases have been made over this week and are impulse buys:

Dress - New Look

A close-up of the dress' detail and peter-pan collar

Sheer Blouse - H&M

Close-up of the blouse detail (I hope you can see!)

Ballet Pumps - Primark (aka Primarni!!)

Ballet Pumps - Primark
I couldn't decide which pair to get so I bought both......
The dress was bought because a prior meet-up was cancelled; the blouse was bought because H&M are doing a 35% discount on one item in UK stores (check Facebook for further details and note that the discount expires on 06 May 2012) and the shoes were bought because I was pissed at my New Look pumps getting destroyed in the rain so fricking easily….they were only 3 months old!

I’m still not sure about the pumps, but my mum said I should keep both of them to which I responded by dropping my jaw! But she did quantify that suggestion with the heel debate, which is another post for another day readers……..

Still in Wedding Mode........

Hi guys,

Despite being doggone tired and the dreadful weather in the uk (anyone in London hear thunder last night?!) I'm still in wedding mode and buzzing about it.

Over the weekend I received an invite for a Traditional Nigerian Marriage of my Godsister in June and this weekend I will be meeting up with my cousin and the rest of her bridal party to discuss her upcoming wedding in July; I'm a bridesmaid for my cousin.

I'm not sure if many of you have heard of the britpopprincess.......well she has a channel on youtube and has posted many videos on fashion and her lifestyle in general. Her name is Patricia and she is a pleasure to watch. I always look forward to her next video.

On 25 March 2012 she got married to Mike (check out the boyfriend tag video and when he does her make-up - hilarious!) and last Sunday she posted a video of her special day. I've watched it, loved it and it has prolonged the wedding vibe in me! Here is the video:

She was lucky; the Spring Sun and warmth were out in celebration that day!

I look forward to being happy like that x
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