Still in Wedding Mode........

Hi guys,

Despite being doggone tired and the dreadful weather in the uk (anyone in London hear thunder last night?!) I'm still in wedding mode and buzzing about it.

Over the weekend I received an invite for a Traditional Nigerian Marriage of my Godsister in June and this weekend I will be meeting up with my cousin and the rest of her bridal party to discuss her upcoming wedding in July; I'm a bridesmaid for my cousin.

I'm not sure if many of you have heard of the britpopprincess.......well she has a channel on youtube and has posted many videos on fashion and her lifestyle in general. Her name is Patricia and she is a pleasure to watch. I always look forward to her next video.

On 25 March 2012 she got married to Mike (check out the boyfriend tag video and when he does her make-up - hilarious!) and last Sunday she posted a video of her special day. I've watched it, loved it and it has prolonged the wedding vibe in me! Here is the video:

She was lucky; the Spring Sun and warmth were out in celebration that day!

I look forward to being happy like that x


  1. Awww they used Daley's "Those Who Wait" I love that song!!!!!!!!
    It has been wedding mania lately. I dont think I've seen so many people I know
    get engaged in one year, as I have this year!!!
    This video gets me in wedding mode my best friend is getting
    married in August and I'm a bridesmaid.
    Beautiful ceremony! Great Post
    Darling Bonnie

  2. Seriously, they look so HAPPY and sweet together! :')

  3. Love love love her and her wedding :') great blog <3

  4. i LOVE this wedding!!!!



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