Book Review – The Cupid Effect

Since the 50 Shades Trilogy, I have read a further 2 books. The book junkie needs a constant fix!

My recent read has been The Cupid Effect by Dorothy Koomson. This is the 2nd book of hers that I have read and I’m currently reading a 3rd book by her.

The Gist:

The book centres around Cerys D’Altroy, a woman who leave her ‘settled’ life in London and moves to Leeds to become a psychology lecturer. In leaving London, she hopes to leave behind her ability to get involved in people’s lives – their love lives more specifically.

However it seems that her matchmaking skills have followed her up to Leeds because she’s quickly embroiled in new love situations – whether she likes it or not. This ranges from her flatmates to her new colleagues and even her long time married best friend is affected by her!

Is she the modern day Cupid?

What I think

Compared to most of the books I have read in recent month (and I have read quite a few), I would consider the Cupid Effect to be a very light hearted read.

There’s nothing intense about the plot; it’s an easy read. There are references to sex, but it’s more humorous than 50 Shades ‘filth’.

As with most of my recently read books, this is told in the 1st person narrative, that of Cerys. The 50 Shades Trilogy has made me more wary of 1st person narratives and I wasn’t prepared to tolerated any references to inner goddesses in this book! But luckily it wasn’t the case. I actually felt I could somewhat relate to Cerys especially on how she felt on being involved in other people’s business when she didn’t want to be as well as her obsession for the vampire Angel. I remember whe I was in lust with Angel *sigh*…..that was so long ago!

Towards the end of the book I thought the plot became slightly questionable when dealing with the theory and title of “The Cupid Effect”. However I liked the brief reference to the mythology of Cupid; it provided an interesting element to the plot.


The Cupid Effect is a decent, light hearted read on matters of love and lust or ordinary people. Ideal for a lazy park or holiday read.


  1. I really wanna read that book :)) Follow eachother? ♥

  2. THAT LOOKS LIKE A GREAT BOOK. I hope you can take a read of my blog: ...maybe it will help you in someway. I always love when new readers come and join too. Thanks and God Bless!


  3. Fabulous post, love! I've got some exciting news regarding my post. Hope you'll stop by to check it out. Oh, and thanks so much for the book recommendation. I have quite the must read list now. :) xo

  4. I needed some inspiration for my reading list! Oh and btw, thanks for checking out my blog earlier :) x


    god bless

  6. Sounds like a fun book to read...I find myself reading serious books too often so maybe I will read this after I finish "Well behaved women seldomly make history."

  7. Ahhh so you are an avid reader?! I love to read, so does my mum! She is retired so has more time to do so! I'm sure she has plenty of titles you can have! We will chat soon :) xxx

  8. I was thinking about starting to do book reviews! It's a great addition to your blog, I have followed :) would be great if you could follow me x


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