Check Print Blouse (currently on sale) - Warehouse

Striped Satin Blouse - H&M

Wide Blouse - H&M
It’s been a minute since I did a “fashion” post on my blog; I have been buying clothes but I never really think to show off my purchases on my blog

Having said that I wanted to show off a mini haul. I’ve bought quite a few clothes in recent weeks in a bid to try to update my wardrobe. 

I used to hate wearing shirts; they were uncomfortable for me and almost never fit my bust. These days the cuts and materials of shirts and blouses are a lot nicer and tolerable; they can be worn for work and casually meaning that they are pretty much a staple in a woman’s wardrobe.

I’m still not 100% keen on a white shirt so the white patterned blouses above from H&M and Warehouse are nice alternative for me to wear in a professional environment. Still in 2 minds about the white striped blouse from H&M though……

The blue patterned blouse from H&M was an impulse purchase (well truth be told they all were!). I was looking for a dress when I saw it from across the shop. It’s a nice blouse for Autumn and has a 70s retro feel to it. I bought it before it featured on H&M online shopping site. It seems quite popular – most of the sizes have sold out.

Blouses are great for transitional seasons and can be worn with cardigans/jumpers in the Winter, so I’m confident that my purchases will see me through to next Spring!


  1. The first one is my favorite

  2. these are cute! i don't really wear them either but i'd like to start :)

    avec danielle | new post


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