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London has experienced some fantabulous weather in recent weeks; I have definitely enjoyed the great weather! Bare legs, alfresco dining, BBQ and great company – just some of the things that make my Summer!

I and a few friends recently went to Feast, which was held just off Brick Lane in London. It was an opportunity to ‘sample’ the best of what London’s street food industry had to offer. As a food lover I do tend to think with my stomach (I mean who hasn’t?!), so all us girls were very excited to go.

 There was a £10 entry fee though there was a deal to purchase cheaper tickets. After the death of my expectations of the Rekorderlig Midsummer House, I was prepared for the fact that I would have to pay to ‘sample’ the food on offer……..

Well, there were a few samples floating around, but essentially the food was bought. The smell of food was overwhelming; my stomach was so happy and itching to try loads of stuff! I sampled about 3 dishes and a dessert – nothing disappointed.

A pork & beef hotdog from Big Apple Hot Dogs
Fundi Pizza

My pizza was made fresh to order; right in front of me!

Despite the dodgy cutting, it tasted soooooooo nice!

Scallops from the Whitechapel Gallery Dining Room
Oh My Days.....this was divine! And I love that it was served on a shell!

So many sweet treats......
was blinded by the cakes, so I didn't get the business name of this stall!

I probably have one or two criticisms. Firstly it would have been nice if the entry fee came with a free sample or free drink; I didn’t think it was fair to pay a £6 - £10 entry fee and then have to fork further for food. A little bit of free love would have made the experience sweeter.

My second issue was that most of the drinks on sale at the bar was alcoholic. I do drink, but it was a very warm evening and I would have preferred a soft drink or even water to the cocktails and lagers for sale. The only none-alcoholic beverages that I saw on offer were home-made lemonade and coconut water (which you could drink fresh, straight from the coconut!). All the juices and lemonade was strictly for cocktails.
In the end I went for the "rouge velvet" cupcake (Red Velvet to those not quite up on their French!)
Minor criticisms aside it was a great evening – lovely warm weather, great company (Sharon, Danielle, Rachel, Cybil, Nneka and Nkeiruka a pleasure!), good food and good music (that DJ was on point! Loved the mix of old skool, reggae, and new music). I would definitely go to the next Feast event x


  1. Yum :) I enjoyed my dishes too! The wrap and dim sum! I agree with all your points too about the entry fee and only really selling alcohol! ...I'd go again though and definitely be more prepared to spend money ;)

    Elle @ keep it simpElle

  2. hey Chi-Chi! hope you're doing well:) great you're back to blogging hihi.
    love those kind of feasts and can't get enough of the delicious food <3 the hotdog looks so yummi! i wish i could be there:) is this an annual thing?

    lots of love xx

    1. Hi Nee!

      Glad to be blogging again; the break was much needed! I believe that the Feast events are quite recent; they have been in motion in the couple of years. I think the events happen at different location in London at least twice a year. the hotdog was very nice; I would gladly buy another one!

      I hope you're well too xx

  3. OMG - I am too jealous. Looking at these photos I could almost smell the delish food!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. Oh the cupcakes look so yummy !

    If you have a minute sometimes, I would be happy if you stop by and see my sea color´s inspired look !

    Thanks in advance !

    XX Luba


  5. I always love your honest opinions on events...why would they charge an entry fee if it didn't include any perks? i find that misleading. Well, my stomach tends to direct me wherever I go so I don't blame you,haha
    Keep enjoying the weather!

  6. Lol its funny cus i've still never been brick lane.. Amd thanks for ur comment on my transitioning/big chop.. I think the reason i was able to be quite patient was because i had tried a few years before to get healthy relaxed hair and longer hair.. Obv that didnt quite happen lol so i just wanted some length while growin it out x

  7. adore brick lane London! looks like a great time....the velvet cupcakes are so cute!

    click here

  8. Sounds like such a nice evening. Really interesting concept of the event, would love to go to one of these.


  9. that burger looks so lush


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