Street Feast - Dalston Yard, London

My sister and I spent last Friday evening at Street Feast, which is night food market, showcasing the best of street food. Dining in London is not just about sitting in restaurants under artificial or dimmed lights....sometimes it's about congregating in random places (like disused car parks, warehouse and open spaces) and eating under the stars with great (or tolerable lol!) people. Provided the weather is good of course; and luckily for London we have had a late injection of Summer!

Pork belly yum buns by Yum Bun

Bacon Cheeseburger by Bleecker Burger

Burger Dun!

Mama's Jerk Station

Ribs from the SmokeStak
There was loads to choose from; I exerted some self control by getting the Bleecker Bacon Cheeseburger & Pork Belly Yum Bun (twice), washed down with an "Undead Punch" from the Rum Shack (which actually packed a punch!). There is something for everyone, carnivorves (like me!), veggies and vegans alike. Most of the dishes were between £4 - £8, with drinks between £4 - £13 (I know.. £13?!) so if you're looking to eat and/or drink a fair bit, bring between £25 - £40.
Street Feast at Dalston Yard ends on 27 September 2014*; if you can, end Summer by stuffing your face with great company! Street Food festivals/events are becoming a staple in London; I wouldn't be surprised if there are one or two events during Winter.....
*Street Feast on 19/20 September 2014 is free entry before 7pm; afterwards its £3. Street Feast on 26/27 will be a ticket only event called Pork Life & Ribstock 2014, showcasing the best pork has to offer.
BTW, most of my pics are taken on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Not the best quality sometimes (especially at night), but check out my sister's post on Street Feast...her pics are quite superior to mine!


  1. Hi Chi-Chi!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog:-)
    Hope you're doing well! Ahh.. This post is mouth-watering! Wish I would live in London:-)

    Lots of love and talk to you soon xx

  2. Is this the same one we went to last year?! looks bigger and better! ..and tempting! ;) x

  3. omo london is mad fun US is just dry as an okporoko. Asin ehh the only time people eat together is during 4th of july thanksgiving and christmas which is sad. Might move there someday. But those food dou *salivating*

  4. the food is mouth watering. yummy.


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