Happy Easter!

Happy Easter fellow bloggers and readers! I hope you are all having a Blessed, fun and peaceful weekend!

I’ve spent my weekend attending Church, being the “dutiful” Christian. It was great seeing familiar faces – despite living in London, life is such that I only get to see some people a handful of times a year……

My weekend has been quiet and lazy……no shopping (boo! I’m broke >_<); baking and eating cake, watching great movies such as Mary Poppins  and enjoying the fact that I don’t have work on Monday.

I’ve also been painting my nails….I bought some Barry M Nail Paint. I love that I can get a variety of vibrant colours for my nails. I usually wear purple shades on my nails as I find that they suit me the best. But I decided to take a risk and buy a completely different colour:

Even though blue is my fave colour, I thought that this colour is very bright on me; I would probably only wear this colour during a holiday. When I showed my nails to my mum, she was not exactly impressed – she likes her reds.

This polish is coming off before I go back to work on Tuesday, but at least it goes with my watch:

What do you think?


  1. I think it suits you! Does go great with your watch :)

  2. that's a gorgeous colour :) x

  3. That's so cool nail polish, love the color :)

  4. I really like your blog!
    Keep posting dear!!


  5. The color is amazingly cute. Robin Blue <3
    Keep posting dear


  6. Oh gorgeous hun!! I need a shade like this.. xx

  7. Happy easter! what a lovely color. =)

  8. aquamarine! so cute >.< btw followed, follow me back?

  9. Thanks for coming by :D


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