Loving Right Now: Skrillex & Damien Marley

i'm not sure how I could really describe this song; it's just epic:

This song regularly makes the playlist while doing my NTC workout - the beat and the bass really gets my body moving and it gives me energy to keep going a bit longer. I practically beg my trainer to let me have a copy of her playlist so I can download the songs!
While Dubstep has its roots in Europe, Skrillex has really created a great, energetic song; Damien Marley's lyrics perfects the song.
Got Love for Dubstep? Can you recommend any more tunes for me?


  1. Nice song! I'm your new Follower! :) I hope you visit my blog sometimes. Thank's! Kisses from VV!!

  2. nice song girl, not really my style of music but you got me listening on this one..lol how have you been?

    1. lol! over the last year and a bit i have found myself listenting to dubstep more and more; in the uk, the dubstep movement is huge!

      i'm doing ok, thanks - can't believe that the year is nearly over!


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