Catch Up

Fish a la Pimienta
It's been a while since I met with quite a few of my friends; it's harder to randomly meet up. These days we have to negotiate with work, marital commitments, distance and the like so arranging a meet up can sometimes feel like a military operation!

Tortilla chips & tomato salsa

Sweet potato

Huitlacoche Quesadilla - 
 Last night I had a casual dinner with my friends from university, aka my "Uni Beeshes". We last met in January and despite communicating with each other via WhatsApp on a weekly basis, too much time had passed from we last actually saw each other. 

Even though it was pay day we went for cheap and cheerful so we ate at Wahaca, a Mexican street food chain. To be honest I think I've had more Mexican food in the UK than when I went to Mexico for holiday!

Because it was Friday I didn't eat meat (Lenten duties) so I had veggie and fish based dishes. I liked the Fish a la Pimienta; I only encountered 2 bones throughout my meal! I highly recommend the sweet potatoes as a side - well cooked.

The next meet up with my Uni Bs is scheduled for April - looking forward to it.


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