For 2017, I’m going to…..

Minutes before or after I saw in 2017 with friends at a house party, I was asked the usual question: “so what are your New Year resolutions going to be?”

I was going to respond that I didn’t really “do resolutions”; however a tiny spark in my brain caused me to instead say “I’m going to manage my time better”.

I was slightly surprised by what I said, but as I went on to explain my Goal, rather than my resolution, it made sense.

For the lack of proper time management, especially in the last year:

  • My fitness regime has suffered. Yes, I completed 3 half marathons, but I didn’t make time to train for them properly an as a result I got slower times than I wanted. Also I had gone from doing NTC sessions 2/3 times a week to only once a week. My body is feeling and showing the effects of the lack of exercise
  • My eating habits have worsened; late finishes mean that I often resorted to a takeaway or greasy ready meal instead of cooking
  • I’ve missed on a few opportunities and discounts
  • My sleep has suffered and I’m often tired because I’m going to bed at stupid o’clock. I’m pretty confident that about 80% of my responses to question “How are you” has been “Tired”…..
  • I’ve not been able to socialise as well as I used to in recent years
  • I’ve not been as focused on my continuing professional development for my career

My logic is that if I manage my time better, then I will see an improvement on the above and ultimately in myself and in my life. Examples being:

  • Getting the required hours of sleep means, I’m less tired, which should mean I should be more productive in my day to day activities (and dare I say, have time to blog more)
  • Despite the demands of my job, if I make time to attend seminars/courses related to my career, it will lead to me being more knowledgeable and more effective in my role
  • Time to cook proper meals means making healthier food choices (but I’ll still indulge in a takeaway once in a while!).
  • I'll be able to socialise/network more

Mind you, we’re 10 days into the New Year and I’m already failing…….but that’s the beauty of having and working towards a Goal rather than a Resolution. Better time management as a goal, rather than a resolution allows me to flexible in achieving my desired outcome; and I think it’s less pressure!

Plus there’s 355 more days in the and beyond (God willing) to work on my time management!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year; may you all be able to achieve your positive goals and ambitions x


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