Another 365 days.....

I’ve just reviewed my first post of 2017, which set out what I was going to do for 2017. The key goal? Time Management, because I thought that if I managed my time better, everything else would fall into place.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t quite get a handle on my time management – my sleeping habits have not greatly improved, my fitness faltered (greatly), I fell out of love with running and my eating habits got worse. I actually plan to see out 2017 with pizza…..

Notwithstanding the above 2017 has been a challenging year. This was the year that the UK grieved for Manchester and London because of evil individuals and their twisted ideology. The UK mourned the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy and we discovered that for the sake of aesthetics and “saving money”, safety was compromised and lives were lost. We will never forget all who died at Grenfell Tower and during the terror attacks; may they Rest In Peace.

This was the year that Trump actually became President……*shudders*

This was the year I lost my job – the firm that I had been working for had been shut down suddenly. But it has not been all bad! I found a temp job within 2 weeks and a new permanent job within 3 months of losing my old job. It was an apt reminder that nothing is certain or permanent.

This was the year that I got myself a mentor (courtesy of a Law Society mentoring program) to help me focus on my career, and get insight.

This was the year I treated my mum with a trip to Rome, embarked on a solo trip to Portugal and a revisited Amsterdam for a cheercation (overdue post on Amsterdam coming in 2018!).

This was the year I discovered new independent businesses such as Special Touch Designs, Grass-Fields and Dancing Leopard. I've been impressed by my purchases so far and look forward to discovering more independent businesses in the future.

This was the year I celebrated my culture and acted like a big kid.

This was the year I witnessed 5 weddings and congratulated 3 friends on becoming prospective parents in 2018. This was the year I became and embraced being an Aunty.... these days my purchases are baby biased!

This was the year I started blogging again after a one year hiatus; the break was beneficial.

2017 has indeed been a challenging year; valuable lessons have been learnt and great memories have been created. I have been blessed enough to experience the good and the bad; I’m still alive and kicking and I am so grateful for that.

I look forward to learning more lessons and creating more memories during the next 365 days and beyond!

Whatever you are doing for New Year's Eve, may it be a good one and have a Happy New Year x


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