Nike iD 

I first ordered a pair of Nike iDs in 2003; I loved them so much and wore them so often that I wore out the sole!

I’ve always wanted another pair of iDs but I just never got around to ordering them…until now. I decided to treat myself with an early birthday present – a pair of Low Dunk Nike iDs. I love a pair of Low Dunks; probably my favourite style of Nike trainers. I had a white/ice blue pair which, again I loved so much I wore out the sole…..and I still have them (lurking in a corner of my bedroom!).

Nike iDs are pricier than your usual pair of Nikes, but then you get the opportunity to own an item customised to your taste. You could go understated or wild with the colours and be pretty confident that your design is unique. I even got the first part of my name marked on the sides of my custom iDs adding to its uniqueness. 

I ordered my iDs at the beginning of March and took about 5 weeks to make and deliver. They feature my favourite colours and fit well with my other clothes. I love them and I may just wear out the soles on these too.....

It’s been a while since I had a pair of sportswear trainers; my other trainers are normally for training and running. Because you can never have too many pairs of trainers, right?!


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