I remember how I felt this time last year; 2014 was not the best year for me personally and I was apprehensive about what 2015 would hold for me.

People these days tend to be anti “New Year, New Me”; and to a certain extent I agree with them. Why wait until the New Year to make the necessary changes or take the relevant action to make yourself and your life better? Every new day is an opportunity to become that New You. 

Anyway, most if not all of us can’t help but reflect on the year’s events and life changes as we enter the New Year. We think about our highlights and lows, our best actions and mistakes, births and deaths. We hope that things will be better for us and those we care about in the New Year.

Having said that, below are a few of the lessons that I learned through 2015. Some of these lessons may seem glaringly obvious, but some lessons need to be felt rather than just heard in order to have the relevant impact. Others are pretty random, but lessons nonetheless:

  • Know your worth  - it can be easy to devalue yourself if you're surrounded by unappreciative people, or you're in less than stellar circumstances
  • Sometimes, it’s ok to quit – especially if you are in a job/relationship/friendship that is toxic to your overall wellbeing. Deciding to quit my job was best decision I made in 2015
  • Change can be good for the soul – a lot of us are creatures of comfort and habit; however a step out of your ordinary can open up opportunities to you that may not have been otherwise available
  • Train for every race, no matter the distance
  • Half marathons are pretty brutal, but with decent training and shouts of support from both friends and strangers en-route, one can survive the distance. The same goes for Obstacle Course Races
  • It’s all very efficient and well to have a major clear out of old clothes and shoes, but it also made it difficult for me to find something to wear for my cousin’s marriage blessing! So, easy on the major clear outs…..
  • Reverting to natural hair is a beautiful struggle, but I'm grateful for the amount of hair products available these days to make my struggle a bit more beautiful and easier
  • Tracking spending habits as an adult is pretty important; it’s no longer acceptable to spend so much money on crap
  • Procrastination can be so seductive, but it can betray you – the amount of deals I’ve missed out on this year because I was on a “I’ll do it later” flex *sigh*
  • One can get more time for trying to end apartheid than shooting their girlfriend several times through a bathroom door
  • Magic Mike XXL didn’t have to be made but it made Summer that bit more pleasurable
  • The new Star Wars Episode is pretty cool
  • Personal space is a beautiful thing and I think I need more of it these days (at least before I embark on family life)
  • You are responsible for your own happiness - this applies to everyone; it should be a daily mantra

I think I can say that as I write the final posts of 2015, I’m in a better frame of mind than I was at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015; I look towards 2016 with a bit more hope and expectation.

What lessons have you learnt or been reminded of this year?  

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