Nike Performance Stylist Sessions at Nike Town London

Many of you have either heard of or experienced Topshop’s Personal Shopping; well Nike has launched a personal shopping experience for women at its flagship store (Nike Town London) for a limited time. Between 15 December 2015 and 06 January 2016 an appointment for a Nike Performance Stylist Session can be made, where you can be advised by one of Nike’s stylists as to the latest wear to suit your fitness, fashion and running needs. 

I registered for an appointment on 15 December 2015 via; when booking my appointment I was required to complete a questionnaire. I provided essential details (clothes size & shoe size), the activity I was involved in (i.e. I train and run) and the sort of items I was interested in trying on.

On the day of my appointment I was welcomed by friendly faces and a CPress organic cold-pressed juice. My stylist for the hour was Teresa. Based on my answers to the questionnaire, Teresa was able to pick out items that were not only functional for my training and running, but she also selected some fashion items that I may not have otherwise considered. Teresa, Bless her did quite a bit of running around on my behalf because there were a few tops and jackets that I had wanted to try out but in different colours!

I was awfully tempted by most of the products that I got to try on; unfortunately quite a few pieces were pricey and I was still in the middle of Christmas shopping for gifts so I needed to stick to necessity and functionality rather than desire… I had already purchased some new running gear from Nike a few months before.

I absolutely LOVED these black flynit free running trainers

As I had made a purchase (I bought a dri-fit blue running top for the "cold" Winter season) I was gifted with a monogrammed canvas bag and a beauty gift box by Birchbox. The canvas bag will definitely come in handy for future shopping trips as I now live in a country that charges £0.05 per plastic bag…..

The beauty of personal shopping is that someone else does the legwork for you; all I had to do was stay in the changing room and change my outfits! This is especially ideal for Nike’s flagship store during the busy Christmas and sale period, or if you’re looking to get fit in the New Year (those good old “resolutions”) and want some new training/running gear. Because I had an idea of what I wanted and Teresa was efficient in responding to my requests, the hour was well utilized and I felt that it was enough time for my session. I recommend that you have a look on the site if you have anything specific in mind that you want to try and let your stylist know at the beginning of the session so that you benefit from the hour. 

There is still an opportunity to book a performance stylist session at NTL; it can be done here. Or you can drop in to NTL to make your appointment – the personal shopping experience runs until 06 January 2016.


  1. Sounds interesting! You know I love personal shopping!! Wonder if this will make this a permanent thing? Or maybe move it to the Kings Road Womens only store?? Christmas is a bad time in my opinion to launch this, because like you said, you're trying to shop for other people rather than yourself! I would go for the tote (not that I need another tote!!) and the experience x

    1. I think that they may introduce it to the Kings Road store in the future.... I reckon they'll see how receptive people have been to it at NTL before making long term. even then i reckon it will be for certain periods of the year e.g. Christmas and the women's 10K run


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